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BBC Documentary on small penises




I look forward to seeing it.

cead mile failte :lep:

Has it been broadcast yet on this side of the pond? If not, I’ll keep you posted.

A Penitrant's quest for the Holy Grail - 7.5" x 6.0"

I know that european tv is by far more open than what we have here in the states. Is it possible for BBC to show the guy actually measuring his pecker??

Go Celtics!

Damn it’s on Digital, this is a good reason for me to go and get a digital receiver.

The article was from March so I hope it has not been screened yet.

Point1, it is OK to show a flaccid penis on television here in the UK, not sure they would screen him pumping though. :)

Its already been screened - I caught the very end of it.. The last 5 minutes or so…

See Ya,


how about an erect penis ? =) don’t see much of the difference. Hey.. we have to know whether they are measuring bone press =)


Go Celtics!

First documentary completely filmed with a strong zoom lens.


I heard about this.

Well, this is nice news compared to the publicity of self-professed PE guru DLD. Size definately needs to be discussed in a non derogative manner. Hoping it will be on eMule soon, but I doubt it, when exactly was it aired?

Interesting one. In the states we never get the best of what the BBC offers, especially digital. I’ll see what I can do about an eMule link or BitTorrent file.

The BBC definitely produces the best documentaries. This is a great idea. Hats off to Mr. Barraclough.

Is there anyone else “over there” who had a chance to see the whole episode? I look forward to the release of the featurelength documentary.

I wonder if Lawrence knows about TP. He must, if he’s done this kind of research into the subject. Surely he has a lot to gain from this place (no pun intended!).

Okay, I confess a certain curiosity about the size of Jim Morrison’s schlong. I wonder if I should email Cynthia Plaster Caster?

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