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Wet jelqing not viable for small penises

Wet jelqing not viable for small penises

Hi everyone. I have a question about wet jelqing for small penises. I am 4 3/4 inches BPEL which is pretty darned small. I don’t seem to have enough length to do the 2-handed wet jelq. Or, maybe I’m just doing it wrong. Any exercises for length? (Apart from hanging)

As of now my routine includes stretching, dry jelqing, and some bends.


Have you looked at this tutorial for wet jelqing?

Wet Jelq - Step by Step

I would suggest you use the overhand grip that is shown in the lower half of the picture series. This grip allows you to get your OK grip thumb and index finger at the very base of your cock to begin the jelq stroke. There should be enough room with you length to use both hands for this in an alternating slow strokes that last about 2-3 seconds per stroke. Remember to start each stroke at the very base of your cock, even trying to grip it bone pressed.

I prefer dry jelqing with an overhand (pinky away) grip. Nothing says you have to jelq wet. :) I think you should stay away from bending for now. Stick with a simple, basic routine for a few months and see where it takes you. No need to toughen your dick and risk injury by bending.

Hi gb!

I started with similar stats and I can tell you I haven´t found any problem doing wet jelqs. Remember, one hand at a time, as close as you can from your pubic bone. Or, perhaps, as you say, you´re just doing it wrong, so why don´t you check again the Tutorials forum, and search for jelquing?

You can start here:

A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

And don´t say your penis is small, it isn´t. Maybe it´s not big, but most important is now you have in your hands the tools to change that, and have a bigger penis.

Good luck and welcome to Thunder´s! :D

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