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Ballooning, version 2

Ballooning, version 2

I truly hope this hasn’t been mentioned a dozen times before, because I don’t want to look stupid.

First of all, this is a variation of the standard ballooning we all know.
Ballooning basically means that you massage your penis without touching the head, thus getting and maintaining a hard(er) erection.

Ballooning version 2 is actually the opposite.
You still massage though, but only the glans. This is best done with some lube!

This is how I prefer to do it:
By the way, although I am right handed, I prefer using my left hand to do this.

* Add some lube on your glans.
* Use left, right or both hands to spread the lube on your entire glans.
* With an overhand OK grip, gently stroke the head. You don’t have to stay on the glans the whole time, it’s normal that you will touch a little bit of your glans.
* You can squeeze, stroke, and even pull, depending on what feels best for you. Or you can do all 3 things at once.

You will notice that (at least in my case) the veins on your penis are much more visible than usual, and the glans will be bigger too.
The feeling that it should give, can be compared with getting head, seriously.
You probably have had a partner before that gave you head by only sucking your glans, that’s the way it feels.

So actually this is not masturbating, just like normal ballooning. It is to maintain a hard(er) erection and glans, and it maybe even help premature ejaculation.

You can even start doing this when flaccid, you will most likely get an erection quick enough when doing this.
That’s one of the reasons I tried this, because I couldn’t get AND maintain a proper erection with ‘normal’ ballooning.

So.. Am I looking stupid now? I have the feeling I do. :(
If not, can some of you guys try this out and tell me/us what you think of it?
And if this is already know, don’t blame me, I’ve read a lot of threads here but I never read one that mentioned this.

Originally Posted by Pepsi
So actually this is not masturbating, just like normal ballooning.

Yes it is and so is “normal” ballooning.

Why can’t this post be added to the current thread on ballooning? Or to one of the other two “major” threads on the subject?

I massage my dick… and get an erection… am I masturbating? :)

regards, mgus

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IT is masturbating no ifs and buts about it.

I also employ glan rubbing in my ballooning routine. It does axactly what Pepsi says it does.

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