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Ballooning Gains!

Originally Posted by beenie169
Kingpole, have you made any permanent gains from this yet? Do you do it everyday?

I gotten a little more girth, iv’e recorded a 5.8” circumferance at mid shaft. 5.9’ at the glans.
I’m not sure about length. I want to cement it before I declare it.

So far I’m ballooning every other day. One hour sessions.

Oh yes, I had another morning wood today second one in a row. I also attribute this to taking Ginko biloba. It has been about six weeks since iv’e
Been taking it.

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Okay, I thought I was doing it right- just rubbing that spot for half an hour or so and I did get some temp gains, but now I’m reading that you should be at the PONR for the majority of it so that you get more expansion. So my questions is, should I be getting myself to the PONR and then rubbing that spot and trying to control it with the anal breathing? Which reminds me, this whole anal breathing thing, has anyone got it down and can explain it, i.e. are your abdominal muscles contracted or relaxed etc. What is contracted and what is relaxed? I tried doing a reverse kegal and normal kegal at the same time i.e. contracted my abs as if a reverse kegal and then squeezed my PC muscle. Is this along the right lines? Final point (sorry) the guys that are having success do you do it standing up, sitting down , lying down or any other way?


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This is random but can anyone tell me if this normal, I’ve been masturbating almost everyday of my life since 14.. Sometimes more then once.. But after I cum once or even twice I can still get a boner.. Does that mean anything or am I just filled up with crazy testosterones

I think I figured out the whole “pubic bone indent” thing. Pressing there is to restrict the venous blood outflow, just as a cockring would do. So, ballooning is edging with your thumb, or anything really, restricting this outflow so that more blood stays in the penis.

Did I get it right?

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Originally Posted by kingpole
I would assume fun sex is good sex, and fun ballooning is good ballooning.
Did it again today for about an hour, I did not ejaculate, I’m proud of myself, this is a different and more intense feeling than edging.

My goal in this, as smug as it may sound is to wrap three hands around my pole. It is getting close to two and a half. Does this make sense.

I have orgasmic sensations rise up so to speak through out the day, like Werner describes,I even had morning wood today first time in about 15 years or so. And upon that that is when I started the session.

I believe the semen retention (not ejaculating) is a key part in the buildup of orgasmic sensations over time.

Orgasms involve dopamine. After ejaculation, the dopamine burst in the brain is followed by prolactin, which causes “the refractory period”. If you learn to have orgasms without ejaculating, you never get the prolactin “let down”.

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Originally Posted by BigFatLuvRocket
I think I figured out the whole “pubic bone indent” thing. Pressing there is to restrict the venous blood outflow, just as a cockring would do. So, ballooning is edging with your thumb, or anything really, restricting this outflow so that more blood stays in the penis.

Did I get it right?

Since I still have not got the rubbing part right I am probably not the best person to be answering this. With that being said I would say no, that is not what one should be trying to do with the rubbing. You are not trying to restrict the out flow of blood.

Here is kazoo’s earlier response to the question:

kazooplayer - Ballooning Gains!

Originally Posted by kazooplayer
Man! I just had an amazing clamp/ballooning session. To anyone having problems with the reverse kegel, try this: Expand your lower abdomen.

Hmm… I’ll try that. I really still don’t have this anal breathing thing down completely. What I do does work… but it just seems really forced. I basically push really hard with the muscles I use to shit… which tends to flex my stomach rather than expanding it as you say.

Originally Posted by bluto
I have been trying this for the past week or so since I am on an injury break from everything else.

I think I have been close once or twice to getting at least part of it down. On a couple of occasions I have gotten a very good erection and been on the brink of cumming 4-6 times in the session. I have had good expansion in those sessions, but not what it should have been. I, like others, can’t seem to get the anal breathing thing down nor the rubbing of the spot where the shaft meets the pubic area.

I just tried again right now and I can’t get a good erection for what I think is me putting too much effort into trying to find the sweet spot and trying to figure out the anal breathing thing. This has been my experience more times than not. In fact, the couple of times that I got good wood and expansion, I was not trying to find the spot for the most part or worrying too much about the breathing. I think trying to find the spot is causing me more problems than the anal breathing.

I have also had to stimulate the glans area way more than suggested to keep good wood going. I have been using the fleshlight to get to almost to the point of climax then going without it from there until needed again. Again, this may be in part from me thinking too much about HOW to do it. Oh yeah, and of course I have the porn going the whole time to help.

I think I am going to try to ignore the “how to” part and focus on getting excited and getting good wood and hope to stumble onto the rest for now. Maybe when I get off my injury break soon I will take some V or C to help and maybe I can find the spot and the breathing method then.

Do you need to do the rubbing of the spot and the anal breathing from the beginning, or can you start when you get close to cumming the first time and from then on?

I am just rambling. I guess I don’t really have a point. Just wanted to share my frustrations.

Any suggestions are welcome.

I seem to have the same problems as you have, but through experimentation I seem to have figured most of it out. I also have to stimulate my glans way more than most people seem to have to. Basically I wank off until I get to the point of oragsm. I DON’T start any of the anal breathing or poking of the spot until I get to this point because it doesn’t seem to do anything for me. Once I’m really on the brink I press in that spot and play with it and really try to reverse kegel as hard as I can. This really works and I get good expansion from it. This is the point where the problem comes in though. If I have come too close to the point of orgasming during this process a little bit of cum will have come out (not pre-cum… actual cum)… but I won’t have orgasmed. This will however make it harder for me to get back to the point of orgasming and I will have to wank it again for a few minutes to get back up to that point. If that doesn’t happen then I’ll wait a few seconds before stimulating again… but will have to stimulate my glans again to get back to the point of feeling like I’m going to cum. If I’m really close to orgasming then I can just play with the base and touch my glans with the tip of my fingers to stay at that point… but it’s hard as hell for me to do that without actually orgasming.

I read a few pages back that kazooplayer said that you shouldn’t kegel at all during this exercise. This seems to be true as it seems to make it easier for you to orgasm involuntarily during the ballooning process. I noticed that reverse kegeling really hard when you feel you’re going to cum seems to help fight off cumming because I’m really trying to prevent the first contraction (like kegeling). If you’re on the brink of cumming and you let this contraction happen then you’re screwed, lol… and you’re going to start orgasming.

I don’t know how this works for other people… but like I said… I really have to be on the brink of cumming for the ballooning to work. I have to be really close to orgasming… and once I get to that point I get like a rush of blood into my penis if I’m doing things right… and then I have to do the same thing over again. This kind of sucks because between the end of the expansion and the start of the next feeling of orgasming I’ll lose some of the expansion I just got.

Ok, that’s it for now. If anyone has any questions or comments I would like to hear them.

Kegeling when you’re close to PONR brings orgasm and cum. Unless you can kegel hard enough to hold it in. But that’s besides the point because you do not want to kegel during ballooning, except during the beginning stages when you are trying to get hard. Once you get close just relax, rub the spot, don’t think about trying to kegel and orgasm, think reverse kegel, relax your pc muscle and let your cock engorge. Let up if you have to because you will ruin the session if you bust a load.

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Perhaps if you focused more on staying relaxed you wouldn’t face this problem with kegels. It feels good doing normal kegels while you are close to the PONR, but you should avoid it. I used to face the same situation at the beginning; I would get close to the PONR and then one or two normal kegels would make me go way too close to the PONR and I would either stop stimulation or ejaculate. Both of those would make me lose some or all of the erection.

After a while, with practise, I avoid normal kegels at any cost. Whenever I feel the urge to kegel, I do a strong reverse. Whenever I feel that it is going to happen involuntarily, I start taking deep breaths and focus on relaxing the PC area. The first couple of times, I would lose some of the erection, which came back withing seconds from the deep breathing. Now, it stays the same.

Also, I think involuntary kegels happen when you touch the tip of the penis too much.

Maybe that helps…

I’ll post again what my method of anal-breathing is, though I am sure it is different for everyone:

I balloon with both hands, one hand rubbing my sweet spot, the other rubbing the shaft, first underneath the glans to gain an erection, then moving it around, returning to the underside as necessary. While ballooning, I pull slightly on a muscles I would describe as just ABOVE my anus, but it’s probably the same muscle, I’m just describing the feeling I get from it. As I feel an orgasm approaching, usually from far away at first, I will expand my lower abdomen, swallow a decent amount of air, and push it downwards, trying to focus on exerting as much pressure on my dick as possible; at this point, I also pull on my testicles a bit, rub my perineum, and rub my thumb over the entire top side of my shaft.

After repeating the ballooning process several times, I will either opt to have a dry orgasm, in which I kegel just before the Point Of No Return, or I will simply let my erection fade.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

I have been following this thread from the beginning and trying my “hand” at ballooning for about a month with some limited success.

This morning I finally got it when I least expected it and wanted to pass it on to the group.

I spent the night with my girl friend and we both woke up in the mood so as we were going through various positions we hit on one that we have been in many times before that brings our pubic bones on top of each other. So I thought let’s try finding the sweet spot with her pubic bone. And Bang it hit. I actually felt it pop, she felt it too. It felt like I grew an inch, everything strained tight and judging from her reaction it definitely grew. I just maintained the regular motion let my mind float and didn’t really think about anything. We kept at it for 45 minutes and only let up because we had to got to work. I didn’t cum and when I pulled out it was massive and smooth and as hard as it has ever been. She said she couldn’t believe it and wanted to know what just happened. I didn’t go into the details with her. I just told her that she gets me really aroused and we both went off to work with smiles on our faces.

I think the rhythmic motion and letting my mind float are the keys to making it work for me after I found the sweet spot. This is definitely the most enjoyable PE workout I have done and I hope I can incorporate into my PE routine. I am also going to keep it up on my own now that I know what to look for.

Thanks to all the guys on this forum and this thread for introducing ballooning.

should I hold my thumb on the sweet spot the hole time?

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lol sounds like fun ^^
And your report reinstates what I stated time and time again before.. Relax ;)
Only in a relaxed mind (and body) the “energy” can flow freely (and pressuring / forcing something will usually end in an imbalance.. yep that could be coming, too ;) ).

On a sidenote: Could said position be described as “ballsdeep”, too? *justwonderingbecauseofpreviousexplanationsonmypar t*

Less plain holding than gently rubbing.. as stated time and time again in this and other threads ;)



You seem to know what you are doing when it comes to the anal breathing and I decided to try it out and I think I’m doing it right. My dick does get fatter and bigger all around, however after about 30 min to an hour or if I do the anal breathing everyday my PC muscle gets really big. A little too big, and I’ve also have got a few cramps in my PC muscle which isn’t comfortable. Just wondering if you have had my experience and what you did if not just take it easy one some days. Or perhaps I’m doing it all wrong?

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