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Ballooning Gains!

Hm, this may be an explanation for my struggling when I first began ballooning:
My goal wasn’t “super erection”, but “continous orgasming which happens to cause a super erection”.

I find my version more enjoyable than the plain super erection though ;)


What are you clueless about?

I’m one of the veteran ballooners and I just ordered a peloop because I think it was 46and2 who said ballooning with this thing on is unbelievable. I figure if I can balloon this good already (which has taken about a year to master), then I can’t even imagine what the peloop will do for me. Does anyone have experience with the peloop? I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.

If you have experience with a cock ring, you have experience with a peloop™. The special dirt and magnets are what make it cost three times as much.

Originally Posted by mr.hanky
What are you clueless about?

I’ve been working on this for weeks with no results…not even close. I have come close to ejaculation while doing it many times… controlled it with “anal breathing” and no “ballooning”. I believe it is real, but I haven’t even gotten close to what you guys are talking about.

I will continue to try, and read what you are saying, but so far nothing.

A strange thing happened last night.

I was edging after smoking some pot and I was feeling my penis harder than I can remember. Perhaps I was too excited about the images in my mind, perhaps not. Then, I thought it would be nice if I experimented with this ballooning procedure and see what happens.

I started rubbing the top of my base, while massaging the rest of the penis. Every 30 seconds I would do a reverse kegel and hold it for about 30 seconds. After 5 or 6 repetitions, my penis felt almost as big as when it is clamped, it was really swollen. The tip of the head was constantly at the point it gets when I am near orgasm. I had the feeling that the penis was being stretched lengthwise and swollen girth wise in the way it gets a few seconds before ejaculation. The strange thing, is that this lasted for about 20 minutes and the girthy look I got from reverse kegeling was beyond the one I get simply just before ejaculation and for each reverse kegel I did, it seemed a little “fuller” and the veins were making stronger their appearance on the shaft.

Btw, during this procedure, my hand was feeling more and more “filled” and the rubbing at the base was making my penis harder and less eager to bent (I mean, from pointing somehow upwards, to pointing straight out). Also, being uncircumcised, at some point near the end, the skin which would normally be enough to cover the head if I pulled it up, seemed that wasn’t enough to cover the head.

Perhaps I am onto something.

Now, on a side note, I am neither willing, nor have the time, to keep up with daily ballooning, but I am pretty curious about what it really is when performed on my penis. It seems like a good thing to do in a 1 day on / 1 day off PE routine (1 day on PE, jelqing/stretching - 1 day off PE, ballooning for 40-60 minutes).

Let’s see what happens next..

Originally Posted by kazooplayer
Exactly right, yes… the specifics are good, but the general idea is just to get that raging hard-on that gives you a quick size boost.

Have any of you measured larger yet?

That’s funny that you should ask because I was just going to post something about that.

I’ve been feeling pretty huge lately, lol… so finally last night I decided to measure my wang… it was 0.25 inches LARGER THAN BEFORE… in girth. This is absolutely insane for me because girth is really hard to gain for me. Now… I can’t say that this is all due to ballooning because I’ve been doing a few things differently lately… but I do think that ballooning has a large part to play in this.

First of all, my ballooning sessions haven’t even been that great. For one, at the end of my last two pathetic like 15 minute sessions I got too close to orgasming and just went over the edge, lol. Before that point I did get a small amount of expansion… and the times before that I also got some decent expansion, but again nothing amazing. So… I don’t know if it’s this new method of expansion without using force that is causing my penis to grow… or if it’s that and some other things. For one, I haven’t been completely satisfied with the ballooning sessions… so at the end of them I’ve been doing some Uli’s and some erect bends. This is what my normal girth routine consists of… so that’s why I did them at the end. So I don’t know if it’s the ballooning, or both of those combined that’s giving me gains.

The other thing I’ve been doing differently is I’ve been using the Peter Dick method. All this means is that I don’t have a set routine everyday. In general I do Uli’s, erect bends, horses, and very seldomly I’ll do some clamping… oh… and now ballooning is also in my routine. Everyday I’ll do something different. I might do some Uli’s followed by some erect bending… or Uli’s and horses… or just erect bends… or ballooning and then all three… it’s different every time… it just depends on what I feel like doing. I think this might have accounted for some of my gains, but seeing as this huge increase just came in the past few days I think it has to do mostly with the ballooning.

Another thing I should say is that I don’t consider these gains anywhere close to permanent. I measured last night several hours after a girth session and had the 0.25 inch gain… and then also this morning and was very surprised to see that it was still there. I’m sure if I stopped everything now it would all go away, but I’m going to continue and see what happens.

I’m going to try an insane ballooning session tonight… trying really hard not to go over the edge.

Right now I’m at 6.25 inches in girth… I can’t believe that I only have another 0.25 inches left for my goal.

That’s amazing WorkingOut! Ha, I got minimal girth gains from ballooning, so I envy both you and Mick already.

As for the circumcision thing, yeah, the skin shaft is definitely a limiting factor - the skin on my shaft is so tight when I’m fully ballooned, I pull on the skin of my pubic area if I jerk off like regular.

Maybe I should get high and try ballooning, though I’d probably get distracted and just watch Aqua Teen and pass out. :)

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Matter of fact I do remember smoking one time and then ballooning. I could have sworn my dick was like a half inch bigger. I’ll have to try that again and measure…that is if I’m not laughing my ass off or munching face or just being a piece of shit like usual when I am high.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

WorkingOut’s post got me thinking back to my ballooning days, so here’s a story for you all:

The guy I learned all this from, Dr. Lin (who has quite a lot of venom directed toward him on this site, and probably with good reason) well, Mr. Dr. Lin promoted a strict aversion to kegels, to the point where he claimed they were the cause of premature ejaculation, smaller erection size, and probably world hunger. Lin’s opinion was that kegels should only be performed by men with extremely weak erections - think pointing down - and that kegels would actually limit how effective your ballooning process would be. The reason for avoiding the underside of the glans is that it’s known to him as the “Trigger Point” which will automatically force your kegels to kick in; try rubbing it yourself, and you’ll probably notice it contract soon enough. The whole reasoning behind why Trigger Points will detract from ballooning gains is debatable, so for the sake of good science and Westla, I’ll leave it out for now.

Being that this was the man responsible for the gains to my penis - which I wasn’t even looking for, by the way, was studying multiple orgasm techniques at the time, so this was something akin to a Gift from God - well, who am I to argue with the ‘brains’ behind making my penis larger? I remember one session in particular, where I absolutely refused to let myself kegel at any point during my ballooning session, and it was freaking hell. To get an understanding of this, try jerking off really slowly, and see how quickly your kegels kick in; avoiding the underside of the glans helped a good deal, but there was a certain breaking point, past which, it was really fucking tough and kind of miserable to try stay in control.

Anyway, result was, I wrestled with my kegeling response for about 45-60 minutes before, in one fell swoop of resignation, I performed the hardest, most immediate kegel I’d ever performed in my life, and it hurt… I mean like, kicked in the balls hurt; what I can only assume was my enlarged prostate gave me a metaphorical yelp, and I knew my session was done at that point. The next day, I had a voice lesson with my cute teacher, and every so often I would just double over and explain, “I’m hurting… in that area.”

So - and yes, this rant is going somewhere - my conclusion is this : I do believe that controlling your kegels, be it through reverse kegels or act of will, I do believe this will help you balloon effectively, but I also can’t say on what mechanic it’s working, and I can’t say how healthy I believe this is… I’m looking for feedback now, you guys help me.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Sounds like you nailed it! I will try a hold on my reverse kagal too.

I ‘ve been watching this thread in the same way I think you do. Reading every new post and experimenting as often as I get time to, so I can finally understand what is this ballooning people in here talk about. Usually, I doubt what I don’t know or can’t be convinced by logical argument for it’s truth, so I do the same when it comes to ballooning. But, that night was strange. I mean, the feeling was getting better and better, not the emotions inside, the feeling of the penis in my hand. Stronger and certainly fuller than usual. I didn’t measure or something, but it felt different. Even if the measuring was the same, the thing that was odd was that even if I stopped stimulation for a little while, it didn’t go down, it didn’t lose some of the size, it stayed (especially the head part which is usually first to “go down”) the same; strong and full.

What was my conclusion ?

After reading all of this thread and many of the ballooning threads the past two years I am a member in this forum, I ‘ve read many thoughts on what might be an obstacle or what might be helpful which lead to me questioning the method and the approach I have on the subject. That night, the difference from the other times I tried it was really one (except from the light amount of THC in my blood); I was really focused. No questions, no thinking. The only thoughts I made were; “two more minutes before I give up”, or “this feels great”, you get the picture. Usually I tend to be more sceptical about it, thoughts like “Perhaps that will never work for me, I drink too much coffee and that might be the cause” (I DO drink too much coffee) take over while trying to get it work.

So, I seriously believe that if something is to be achieved that is through putting your focus on positive things and do not get sceptical while doing it, leave it for the time after the battle.

Originally Posted by Kazooplayer
So - and yes, this rant is going somewhere - my conclusion is this : I do believe that controlling your kegels, be it through reverse kegels or act of will, I do believe this will help you balloon effectively, but I also can’t say on what mechanic it’s working, and I can’t say how healthy I believe this is… I’m looking for feedback now, you guys help me.

Coming from a past where I had problems with premature ejaculation, I learned two things:

1) Avoid involuntary kegeling while masturbating/edging/ballooning (?) by being relaxed and focused on what I do, after a while you find that it’s all a matter of habit. Tough to break at the beginning, easy to follow after you form it in a different way.

2) When it comes to erection quality, staying power and ejaculation habit is really close to what seems to be instinctual. One must experiment a lot to find which is what and fix what he can if he is not satisfied with oneself.

So, more on what you say, let me say that during the session that I described what I did was a little different than what you described. I wasn’t kegeling at the beginning, not at all. I started massaging the whole penis doing a full movement from head to base with my hand. Then, when I started to get near to 100% erection I put my other hand at the base and started pressing lightly at the point where my penis attaches to the pubic bone (top). At no point did I consciously stop rubbing the underside, but after the first 15 minutes, I was just touching it less and less.

What is interesting, while in the first, let’s say 5 minutes, there was no kegeling (voluntary or not), I thought to myself; now let’s balloon. So I started doing 1 strong reverse kegel holding it for 30 seconds (perhaps a little more or a little less) and then relaxing for 30 to 60 seconds, when I felt I could hold it for sometime, I kegeled again. Between kegeling, erection stayed full like what it was during reverse kegeling and I kept massaging top of the base (actually pressing a little in, releasing pressure and repeating) and a little massage on the part under my shaft (which was getting less and less). Veins were getting more prominent, head at the full expansion, shining and the CC feeling at it’s max.

What I want to illustrate by giving more details about what I did, is that every single kegel was under my control and was affecting the process in a positive way. I have noticed that by doing a normal kegel, after I release it some of the blood that comes into the penis (the part of the CS and the head mostly) goes out, leaving the head almost empty. While, in this process, every kegel, was reverse and was adding to what I was doing. Timed well and fully under my control.

So, basically I agree that kegels are important. I think perhaps they are the key. What I am sceptical about is that what works for me, might not work for someone else, so for the people interested, give it some experimental time.

When I find some time to try again, I will report back.

Sounds like you got all the right signs - shiny glans, feeling of blood rushing out during a kegel, prominent veins, and, of course, expansion. Good job :)

Question : Did you notice the blood actually rush out through the spot at the base, the part you were rubbing? I can always feel that when I balloon for a while, and it’s so odd, yet validating.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.


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