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Ballooning Gains!


I think of sweet spots as places other than those that excite me usually. I think of it as a process in which I concentrate on other parts of my anatomy. It makes any sexual experience richer, but as for gains, ballooning or science; I have not a clue.

I have no idea if ballooning works or not but if it does my personal theory is that maybe like in the chemical PE (which is not really proven either) it could be from extended higher then normal levels of PGE-1. But this would be a natural way of it. I’m surprised no one has mentioned this as an idea yet.

What are you waiting for Gona? Give it a try, put your theory to the test.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

I don’t know if I would say that I balloon but I do edge for a bit before I use my extender for that reason. I can’t seem to find this sweet spot you mention but I do find I have other points that seem to make me harder when I put pressure on them and I have always done that naturally when I masturbate over the years.

Those are probably the spots.

To me, ballooning sounds as though it takes an approach not all too dissimilar from chinese medicine. Perhaps there’s something to that.

How long does it take to get the hang of this? I tried ballooning a little last night and I couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. Even though it was just a first try, I would seem to have the same trouble with ballooning as I do with jelqing, maintaining an erection. Maybe once I get the hang of it, it’ll be easier, but in the mean time, I do a little ballooning and then I have to do regular strokes for a little while to get the full erection back.

Also, is getting to the brink of blowing your load several times absolutely necessary for the ballooning to have it’s desired effect?

Hey Kazoo,

Have you gotten any girth gains from ballooning?

I think I got the hang of it. Today I ballooned for only 15-20 minutes but it was great. I can see where it is addicting. Now, when you place your thumb in/around that notch, should you be massaging it or is it enough for your thumb to just be there? At the end of my session, I was 1/4” longer. I would imagine it was only a temporary gain, but it’s also a sign of progress and promise. Also, I didn’t once come to the brink of ejaculating. I was rock hard, but no nut. Is this important?

Sounds good growing! Yeah, the thumb just being there will help, you’re probably using it a little bit without knowing it - just pay attention to the feeling in the top shaft of your dick, especially near the base.

As far as girth gains, it did swell a little during ballooning, but I could never get the girth gains that the guy in the pictures got - they were… dramatic.

You don’t have to get close to ejaculating, but when you do, the effects are most noticeable, so take your time with this - give yourself an hour, and see what happens.

But 1/4 is a great start, keep it up and keep us informed.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.


regards, mgus

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I bought Dr. Lin’s CD, uh… hol’ on… “Tao of Love Coupling.” He has pics of the stages of ballooning, and his transformation is pretty impressive, I must say.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

I often edge for 20 minutes at a time but strangely I do not gain any girth from this (never measured length after edging)but I want to try balooning. So I need to find a sweet spot.

From reading this entire thread it seems the reverse kegel is important.
Should the reverse kegel be held constantly or released and contracted?

Sparky, you mentioned your wife likes the feeling of you swelling up before you ejaculate.
I notice I swell up before I ejaculate but it seems it is only the CS that enlarges, not the CC’s.
Is that the same with you?

Edging and ballooning are two different things, though similar in practice.

In ballooning, you need to rub your base, feel around the top side of the shaft, play with your balls, pull your sac away from your body, avoid rubbing the underside of the glans (at least too much) and avoiding ejaculation, all while pulling lightly on your sphincter… so, I guess, almost nothing like edging :)

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Booooooyah! I think I found the spot, but mind is more mid-shaft on the top, not really near the base. I have to stroke the top of my shaft pretty fast with decent pressure to feel the sensations then once I get close to orgasm I almost explode by just touching it, then I tease it for awhile letting it get rock hard until the feeling like I’ll cum if I touch it too hard subsides then start stroke again. While doing this I’m massaging the base-ligs and performing reverse kegals. Does this sound about right?


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