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Ballooning Gains!

In chronological order:

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Maybe it is a way of getting more excited/hard than usual…hence the shiny glans. Maybe that is just enough extra pressure that over time it slowly stretches the tunica.

That’s how it looks for me. I just can’t get an glans as shiny with clamping.. Now who’s got the shiniest glans here? Huh? Huh!

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Maybe for some guys with clamping and other methods, its too much stretching and causes a contraction reaction so they never make any net progress…just stretch and contract. Two steps forward two steps back.

Probably yeah..
My feeling is that you can’t overdo it with “ballooning”.. Your dick will simply go into aroused, but non erect hibernation mode when your body deems the time has come to relax for once.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
And maybe because its feels awesome, putting in many hours isn’t a chore, therefore more likely to be very regular with it. Then maybe because its minor or no tissue irritation, you can do it daily or many times a day without over training and maybe that can then also stimulate cellular growth ala static stretching?

You can and for me the dick not only feels healthier during doing it, but outside it.. That’s why in some other long-forgotten post of mine I used “ballooning” to quicken the healing on my injuries. But as always there’s the body-mind-connection caveat (AKA “What the mind expects, tends to be realized.”)

Originally Posted by westla90069
Without jelqing, clamping or other artificial means of increasing the pressure, the erection is maintained only by your systemic blood pressure. At “maximum erection” a bit of extra pressure can be added by contracting the bulbospongiosus (also called bulbocavernosus) and ischiocavernosus muscles by doing Dr. Kegel’s maneuver (consciously or unconsciously), but that lasts only as long as the muscles are contracted.

Originally Posted by westla90069
Since your erection will not get any stronger and the size will not get any bigger than what your systemic blood pressure can achieve, what is the mechanism for this supposed penis enlargement due to ballooning?

What about this? Patent Pending Chemical PE

Originally Posted by westla90069
Please explain how extended masturbation makes your dick grow (by some reports up to an inch, permanently) with only your normal blood pressure exerting any force on the tunica and CC.

Normal masturbation erections ;) seem to have a tendency to go for release (of blood or semen) when the body deems it’s time for a pause.
This is true for “ballooning”, too, but at least for me I can maintain a ballooning max-pressure erection much longer than normal erections without any problems whatsoever. Even though going for more than 2 hours still is taxing and hence will lead to said release.

Originally Posted by Klayton
Just something simple, no medical mumbo jumbo.

What mumbo jumbo? Isn’t that general education? At least around here ;)

Originally Posted by sparkyx
When someone of your medical knowledge steps up and challenges them on the physiology…they don’t stand a chance…and its not a standard that everyone is held to.

Luckily I care only about my subjective experience in such a personal POV thing as “Ballooning”.. and not on the opinion of real or self-proclaimed medical experts that didn’t even give this a real try yet. ;)

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Hell, if nothing else, I’d love to have multiple dry orgasms…I probably quit caring if it was making my dick bigger or not! :)

For me it’s more spending quality time.. And funnily the flaccid you get from it allday can be quite shocking.. to other people that is ;)


Wrestla — ballooning is about MAXIMIZING the bloodflow and energy to your dick.

It’s not gonna give you an extra inch, but it’ll maximize what God gave you IMO.

Like I said before, I’d throw in jelqing in off days atleast.

Originally Posted by bobs3304

It’s not gonna give you an extra inch

This seems to conflict with what mr.hanky and kazooplayer are saying: they gained from ballooning alone.

Note taken, dont ever question the thought police / TP inquisition :P

Originally Posted by westla90069
No, not the BC. The BC surrounds the bulb of the penis, part of the glans-corpus spongiosum system, which is low pressure. It would have to be the ischiocavernosus muscles.

Some research papers.

The contribution of the IC muscles to intracavernosal pressure:…ol.106.000513v1

Erection/ejaculation physiology articles:…/v7n1_13ral.pdf…i?artid=1351051

Great stuff….thanks!!!

Werner gained from directing the multiple orgasms(tingling or how you wanna call it) into his dick. He didn’t even touched his dick.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
How much stretching force can be generated by dry orgasms, I think this is the key question in Westla’s mind…fair enough. I will say that my wife loves it when I cum inside her, and one of the things she has always really enjoyed is she can feel me “swelling up” right before I cum.

This is something most guys have noticed, especially if it is an especially intense orgasm. So, Westla…what if this method is a way of prolonging and increasing that “swelling up” and instead of it lasting a brief moment…you can increase and prolong it?

And what if instead of it immediately resulting in loss of erection (normal orgasm) it results in no loss of erectile ridgitiy…and perhaps an actual increase of residual internal pressure? Don’t you think that pressure wave followed by a harder than normal erection can be enough force to create changes?

Pressure bangs in a hydraulic system, then. I know from work that the pipeline people are very, very wary of pressure bangs, as it causes pipe ruptures etc. I’m not saying that one may rupture anything here, but pressure bangs are computable, in principle.

regards, mgus

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Can somebody explain what is the difference between balloing and edging ??


Wrestla, let me explain what my whole theory is on ballooning as I am quite experienced with it. I think sparky has one thing wrong in that ballooning does no stretching for the tunica. What it does is, just like Bobs said, is maximize the blood flow to your erection, making your dick pop out of your body more, giving some the extra inch they are talking about. With all that blood in your dick, perhaps it “wakes up” each and every cell in your penis making it much healthier and harder because there is so much blood flow. That’s what I have gained from my experience with ballooning. Wouldn’t you other ballooners agree? Correct me if I’m wrong as I very well could be but that’s just my point of view on ballooning.

Since everyones penis is firmly attached to bone by the ischiocavernosus muscles and tendons, I can’t see how extended masturbation is going to make anything “pop” out. You may stimulate yourself to a point that you’ve never experienced and achieve a “maximum” erection that you have never seen, but there’s no physiologic reason that this state would be permanent.

No, I don’t understand it myself Westla, but it is my reality, and I’m not complaining ;)

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Me neither.

The best way to prove something or disprove it is for several new people to begin ballooning. I’m going to start Monday, I been experimenting with it doing it on and off going back and forth between edging and ballooning. It really does add some girth and appears to add temporary gains. I want to do it because it may help add permanent gains. But I will do this on alternating days from stretching and jelqing.

Would anyone try ballooning alone for a month or so to see if it works? It couldn’t hurt to try.

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I would, but I still can’t figure it out. I don’t have a sweet spot. :(


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