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Ball zinger - new great (but difficult) idea for boosting voltage

Oops – turns out epoxy didn’t hold, and I lost one of my pennies (of course the one that required the work). So, take 2 with Super Glue.

I’ve found that if you bend the pennies you can snug the cord tight enough around your scrotum so that one tesky can’t slip through. The bend of the penny allows for full contact and is perfectly comfortable.

So far. We try harder….

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First Impressions of the Ring of Power

Recently I came across the Ring of Power as a way to increase testosterone. Funny, for as long as I have been actively searching for testosterone supplements, this gadget has never come across my field of reference. I purchased the ROP adjusted it to fit easily just trimming the tubing. Today is my day three into day four. Here are my first impressions. I am 47 years old, and my sex life has always been healthy. I am of average build, healthy in general, at 6’ and weigh about 190 pounds, and not a body builder. I have been married to a sexy girl whom I love a lot now for almost 14 years. She is 10 years my junior.

Anyway, I didn’t know what to expect wearing this thing at all. During the first 12 hours or so I noticed a slight intermittent sensation that was pleasant to my testicles. I have my ROP over my penis which situates the copper and zinc ingots nicely placed behind my testicles. I have tested both ways since (over and under my penis) and prefer over the penis because it relieves the weight of the unit pulling on my scrotum, and because I like the sensation of being completely “yoked” when I walk. Since I already supplement with Amino Acid type products my body has plenty of the building blocks it needs to produce sperm.

At the end of my first day (18 hours of continuous wear),my balls began to ache! Not a little, a lot! I was concerned because this was a new sensation for me. After dealing with the sensation for like an hour, I wondered if masturbating would help. It did. My volume of sperm had increased by time and a half. The aching subsided afterword. My balls were full and they needed the release.

I have also noticed a couple spiky tingles in my penis but this is not the norm. When I sweat it turns the sensation on, so if I had to guess, there are times when the ROP is not active, or probably more accurately just not noticeable as being active (producing a sensation). In the past three days, I have ejaculated 4 times and my sex drive is definitely higher. Also my general feeling of health is very strong and improved. I think it’s the Zinc absorbing into my body. I feel revitalized, and this is a really nice side effect I had not even anticipated.

My zinc and copper rods are approximately the thickness of a pencil. The copper is hollow and the zinc is solid. I am curious to see how the ROP continues to work over time on my body. So far, I’m really impressed considering I expected to see results after maybe a week or so.

I noticed some slight hazing in the zinc and copper and have cleaned off the tarnish to maintain the strength of the conductivity.

I will post back after more time passes.

P.s. This is an amazing thread that dates back 12 years? Unheard of.

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Humbucker I had similar results. I love the feeling tingling feeling too. I noticed a huge difference in sex drive, bigger loads, morning wood and EQ so I believe I was getting a Test boost. I have heard some say this will not help with PE. The problem was after a couple weeks the thing started falling off. I tried super glue to hold the tubes pressing the tubes further on the rods and nothing seemed the work. I wondered if it was just the copper and zinc that was doing it but I have never tested it by taking supplements. I don’t care if it helps PE or not I was getting enough benefits from it I wanted to keep using it. I can’t see how it couldn’t help PE.

I see many others have had the same problems with it falling apart I don’t think there is a real solve other than using a different zinger that is a string type or a better designed one. I tried making the 2 cent one but the pennies kept falling off and was not comfortable I felt like the pennies were sticking me and did get the same results.

Just got my ball zinger out of the cupboard, the copper and zinc. Put it on an hour ago so hope to get some good results.

Does it really works? Am curious.

i have a abs silicone ballzinger on the way, eq is already 10/10, so what i hope for is even bigger loads and a nice testo boost.. Read alot before i buy-ed it and it´s seems like it´s really some legit proof for a good measurable testo increase, it works buy sending a small current threw the balls that increases blood flow and oxygen which help the testicles to work even better and at a higher sperm factory rate..

I report back for u guys when i´ve used it for a month:)

Well I already experienced better erection this morning and full balls.

Can you use galvanized pipe as the zinc part? I was thinking that and cooper piping filled with saline could work nicely.

I really don’t know if you can do that. Perhaps you can do some research on the sites that sell them. My copper and zinc are solid pieces and I clean them daily now to get better voltage.

I’m buying one of these off ebay:…=item566bc31b77

I figure it’s only $30 so why not try it. I have low testosterone with multiple blood tests to prove it, so this will be an interesting experiment. I’ll get another blood test in maybe two months to see how it has worked.

Yes you can use it
I use and I know that increases testosterone
but has use for a long time.
The effects on me …
They are visible
acne and hair growth.

I put water in the pipes and seems to be better.
Injected water with a syringe.
Sorry for English

Deformação+micro lesão+divisão

I hope you guys aren’t still trying to “increase the voltage” with saline in the tubes… all that does is short the circuit, meaning the current bypasses your body. You could hook up a car batter around your balls but if the path of least resistance is not your skin, it’s not going to work.

Anyone ever tried this site? xxxxxxxxxxx

Start 30/06/2016 - BPEL 13cm MSEG 11,50cm

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This page is not reliable, I had to remove the link.

Originally Posted by peaveyspecial
This page is not reliable, I had to remove the link.

Glad I asked, for the price I was about to order!

Which would be a reliable source?

Start 30/06/2016 - BPEL 13cm MSEG 11,50cm

Now - BPEL 16,20cm MSEG 12,00cm BPFSL 17,50cm BPELIT 17,80cm

DREAM! 19cm BPEL 17cm NBPEL 14cm MSEG


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