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Average size, who are we kidding?

I can’t argue with that Beenthere but I still think women are exaggerating about their ex’s sizes. Say if one of them was 6.6-6.7 long and 5.5-5.6 girth a woman would say : “he was about 7 x 6” just because that’s a round number and it’s easier to remember

Started: 6 dec 2003 15 may 2004 : 7.6 x 5.9 inches Want : 8 (nbp) x 6 (head) My photo

Also if a guy says to a woman he’s let’s say 8 (he measured BP to get that round number) the woman would imagine that he’s 8 NBP and that makes a difference of something in between 0.5-1” in length. He can also prove his size by measuring (I don’t think the woman will notice he’s pressing that ruler)

Started: 6 dec 2003 15 may 2004 : 7.6 x 5.9 inches Want : 8 (nbp) x 6 (head) My photo

westla90069 i agree with you so much … most guys are around the range of 5-6 inches kensey is very on the spot with their measurements..i have seen men that are 5inches think they are small i have no idea way when thats in the adv range. i also have to give a shout out to northstar who stated great advice. on all the MBs that are about that i have seen… i have to say that most fo the guys are scared to be with a women because of their size…in truth women do not really care the size issue is more a guy thing sure they may care if you are like 3inches but not if your around the adv range or close to it no need to worry.

I was like this i am the adv range but i was a fool thinking i was too small and i turned down a few women back then because of it but then i realized that most men are the same size or just a little bigger. So don’t let the size of your package stop you from getting a girl.

Welcome to the forums blar. The point of my post was to discover why guys even ask about their girl’s previous partners. It can only lead to trouble or bad feelings. Rarely will it result in “Oh, they were all smaller than you!”, so why ask? Since this thread was started there have been several more on the same subject. Here are a couple:

Comments by women at first sight.
Has she mentioned her Old "Hung Guy"?

I think that size has to do with the general size of the person anyway.. I (originally) am tall and skinny.. so naturally i’m gaining weight/weight lifting and going all out for girth PE wise cus i’m already over 7 in length non bone pressed anyways.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. so although someone might be thinking that im a little over 7 naturally, in my eyes 5.5 girth naturally is lucky..



Re: I am one of those lurkers...

Originally posted by Siktrix
Right before I had even starting a single jelq motion of stretch, I measure my penis at a whopping 4.8” BPEL.

That's right, I probably have one of the smallest starting measurements on this forum,

I started at 4.25 BPEL

What all ye say makes me more confident…knowing that I’m an inch bigger right now

There is always the “bigger”.

I think when she is saying about the bigger is just one way to grab your balls and say “I CONTROL YOU!”

I have my opinions and people say im crazy.

Well this comes from a guy who has never been insulted about hes penis or have been in a long term serious relationship.

Looking to be a kiwi.

The avarage in sweden was concluded to about 6” bp. But then in sweden, we don’t have very many obese people, so I guess the avarage could be concluded to 5.5” nbp or so here. Girth midshaft ~4.75”.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Before PE I started off 5.25 (npb) x 5.25. I started three months ago in november and now after gaining .5 in length I am more confident about posting my stats here, since I know I can gain towards my goal.

Peing since--November 2003

Looking at sizesurvey’s numbers(based on about 3100 men) and comparing them to mr poll survey(based on about 1600 men), I checked the common sizes I tend to hear and looked at the percentages of the two surveys to see if they agree with each other or not.

Flaccid length— common heard from 2 to 4 inches:
Sizesurvey-60 % of men fall in this range
Mr Poll-66% of men fall in this range

Erect length —common heard 5 1/2 to 6 1/4:
Sizesurvey-30% of men in this range
Mr Poll-31% of men in this range

Girth —common heard 4 3/4 to 5 1/2:
Sizesurvey-40% of men in this range
Mr Poll-36% of men in this range

8 or more inches L:
Sizesurvey-10% of men
Mr Poll -13% of men

5 1/2 + girth:
Sizesurvey-30% of men
Mr Poll-22% of men

Mr Poll’s numbers only total up to 94% in each category of Length and Girth so not sure what’s up with that.

I like and trust the sizesurvey site the most, but thought it is interesting how similiar the numbers match up to each other between the two surveys.


the small penis site measurerection has collected some data on ‘serious’ penis size studies. Check it out.…5/o/all/fpart/1

When analysing the data it seems that nbpel on average is about 5.5’ with an average fat pad of about 1’. so bpel is probably about 6.5. (caucasian male). Asians seem to be about 0.5’ shorter and blacks 0.5’ bigger. Since younger man are on average slimer a 20 year old might be 6’ nbpel on average.


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Hey Sprintman,

That was a very informative article. Also note that the measurements were all Non-BP.


Sprintman,good article. I can’t read metric well so I’ll convert(divide by 2.54) everything to inches sometime soon. Wessells’ survey looks particularly interesting and reliable because he explains in detail exactly how he reached his conclusions. Haven’t converted the measurements yet, but I think the younger males, in Wessells study, measure 5 1/4 inches with a 3/4 inch fat pad , and the older males measure 4 3/4 inches with a 1 1/4 inch fat pad? So that would put each at 6 inches bone pressed. Got to go now but I’ll do the math later to convert everything in the article unless someone else does beforehand.

I don’t know if you guys have heard of

This site contains pictures of actual errections with measurements.


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