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Average size, who are we kidding?

According to Wessells (in inches):
Average—6 3/16 bpel
4 7/8 g

Increase in length from flaccid to erect length was from 3/16 inch to 3 1/2 inches.

This survey sounds like one that can be trusted. Interesting is the 3 1/2 inch limit on increase from flaccid to erect length. This was with just 80 men so there may be some men that increase more (but it should be very seldom).

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I don’t see any point of any of us not stating our starting size and how long it took to get to our current size. As far as your woman or lover, if they truly love you , the size of your member would not matter , as long as you know how to use it and bring your partner pleasure. I mean if you got a bigger one more power to you but I feel that what kind of man you are and how you treat your woman or lover is the most important thing not the size of your dick.

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hi casperjones,

this was one of the most interesting sites I have seen in a long time. thx.


I think some women in very serious relationships don’t want their man to have a bigger dick because they’re scared they might leave them after they get it. Especially the ones who have made comments about their ex’s being bigger…

Just think of ALL of the guys who would NOT let anyone measure his dick. Most of these guys participating in this feel ok about his dick. When I was 5”, there is NOWAY anyone but me would be measuring my dick. So the avg size may be even smaller.

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP

First, If you haven’t made a woman come with that average sized dick of yours, you can’t blame it on your size. You need to learn how to use what you’ve got.

The vast majority of women are not so superficial that they would eliminate a guy as a potential lover based only on penis size.

I realize that when I am with a new woman, the chances are great that she has had bigger guys. So what? It is my intention to fuck the living hell out of her, make her scream and moan and be satisfied in the end. If a woman has her doubts that I can please her, I will fuck that notion right out of her head.

None of us are perfect, and neither are the women we fuck. If you know anything about women you will realize that when you get naked with a woman for the first time, she is probably much more preoccupied with the size of her own ass than the size of your dick and whether it is ¼ inch bigger or smaller than the last guys.

To ask a woman what she thinks about the size of your dick is only asking for a complex because you are obsessed with it and can not put it in the same context that she does. When you have sex with a woman, you judge whether you had a good time or not, (I hope) and do not nit pick about each of her body parts and techniques. Women are even more focused on the intangible aspects of the experience rather than the mechanics. It is all about having fun and giving her fun and pleasure. If you run across a whore who has had lots of big dicks and won’t be satisfied with less, fuck her and get that whore out of your life.

Good attitude Mravg. It’s us men who beat ourselves up over our dick size. Excepting as you put it a few whores, woman are not so shallow.

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