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Average size, who are we kidding?

Originally posted by secjay
I got a few cents here:

What about the surverys etc being NBP? Alot of them are.
maybe the average BP is closer to 7”….

I think you nailed it on the head, er, yeah…you know what I mean. I bet the VAST majority of surveys ARE NBP. So, I’d guess the average is about 7”. Another personal reason why I feel that is average is that I’m 6.25 BPEL…was 6.0, but hey, shit happens :D But every woman I’ve been with has had bigger. My fiance has been with only 5 other guys, and THEY have been bigger. If 6 was average, you’d think some of these women would have hit a below-average dude.

On a side note, at the end of the survey all the women were happy ;)

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

Getting a “rep” for your big dick only makes the girls you’re with look bad, at least in my opinion. If that’s all it’s about with them, they’re no good anyway. But on the flipside, you wanna get laid just like any other dude… so do I. Most women wouldn’t even know what 6 inches looks like, really. A guy can be a milimeter thicker than you and all of a sudden he’s got a Hulk dick. Don’t trust a woman’s opinion. What do they do? Bust out a tape measure on every date? C’mon.

The cool thing about PE is you can be “that guy”. The bigger your scythe, the more wheat you can reap? Perhaps. Keep at it and find out.

Above average, below average, personally I don’t give a shit. The only dick I can improve is mine. When I came to this board statistically I was well below “average” and screwed up in the head over my size(4.75ebpX3.75eg). Personally I was greatful just to be able to gain and get up to what is considered average(6.5ebpX5.125eg.) My point is that you can’t obsess over your size, but strive to improve upon it. We all have our starting point whether it be above or below average and it will only serve to fuck you up by continually thinking about someone else’s size and letting it put you into a subconcious jealous state of mind. What we have to stay focused on is 1- PE works 2- We have a pretty good idea of what we want our end result to be, but you must set short term goals or you will become discouraged and the final goal will seem further and further away possibly causing you to give up. 3- Patience and perserverance. PE should be considered as a long term relationship with your penis. If you want it to grow into what you want then you have to put in the time and effort so it will give back to you. 4- Be greatful for the small gains, you have to fight many a battle before you win the war. I think if we change our attitudes toward this way of thinking we will become more appreciative of PE and what we can do for ourselves. This is not a competition to be bigger or get faster gains than the other guy, I know some of you think this way even if it hasn’t been posted, I did. Bottom line is that it’s bullshit and will only hinder your progress. To me an openminded attitude is a key factor for PE. Remember guys, the floor is the limit,LOL.

My perspective.

Why do you guys even ask them about their past boyfriends? Gay guys don’t do that. The number of sexual encounters I’ve had runs into three digits and not once has anyone asked me how big the previous guy was. You only make trouble for yourself when you ask such questions.

Each woman is different and vaginas are very accommodating. If you work at finding her pleasure spots, or actually communicate and ask her what she likes or what gets her off, and use that information to give her what she wants then your size should have no relationship to the size of guys she’s been with before.

Since I have an interest in dicks I see quite a few of them on the Internet (and occasionally in person). There are a lot of guys in the 5” to 6” range. There are even Yahoo groups for them. I tend to agree with the surveys and historical (Kinsey) reports that the average is at or below six inches.

Originally posted by supersizeit
Its really a package deal scenario…you had many other qualities that far surpassed the other bigger guys…its not always size that women want…

Of course they wont object to a nice size, but if you don't know how to use it…or worse yet …you are some kind of asshole that mistreats her,then all the size in the world isn't going to do you a bit of good!

Indeed, I think it’s a combination of several factors like, foreplay, mood and stuff that would lead everyone to get laid with a woman. That’s my two cents <.<

Jaa na

Re: My perspective.

Originally posted by westla90069
The number of sexual encounters I've had runs into three digits

You stud you;)

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My comments


Before starting PE I thought AVERAGE was about 6” and that a lot of guys had around 7” nbp. Personally, although many surveys are probably nbp, after reading and seeing so much over the last few years, I can’t see the average being 7” bp.

Of course, you may be right, and that could explain why my 5.5 nbp penis was called small (and my girth was above average).


I would consider your point of view more objective, for obvious reasons. Maybe because it is also what I would prefer to hear ;) I don’t know how promiscuous you are currently, but how about some research in the name of science? Like with every new partner, you politely ask them to allow themselves to be measured both bp and nbp.

Now there’s a survey I would trust!


Re: My comments

Originally posted by Guiri

Now there's a survey I would trust!

And one I’d love to do! :leftie:

What about when you’re with a real empty-headed chick who doesn’t give a fuck about any kind of intimacy and is only after furious fleshy friction?

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Gotta weigh in here a little. This is, afterall, a PE forum. But the question itself seems a little self-conscious and insecure.

I’m gonna make some generalizations about women here, and I apologize up front. Ladies….please forgive me.

Women are beasts of prey, vicious man eaters. Products of nature: turmoil, chaos and conflict are there breeding grounds. They approach a level of evil that man could only ever hope of attaining. They have decidedly little use for men they can dominate.

(Except for a few, mind you, but we won’t get into that…)


Alpha-males get the chicks. But that’s not a size thing, it’s an attitude. I honestly can’t think of anything less sexy than some guy asking his girlfriend if he is as big as her last lovers. Size really is not as important to woman as much as the man. She doesn’t care what size you are, but she sure as hell knows that YOU DO.

And it will be held against you.

I was always fascinated by those men who could snap their fingers at will, and women would appear in their arms. I’ve met a few, and inevitably I always ask:

“What’s the deal? You got a big dick or something?”

Nope. All were average, some claimed to not even know. None of them really gave a lick about the issue. Women were theirs. One I know made it a habit to corrupt virgins.

It was his thing.

There was one chap I liked the best. Complete John Doe, he was the quintessential average man. It was almost remarkable how normal he was. It’s like you took the average of everything and assembled a person, that was John.

But he was magic with woman.

I remember a little fox approaching our table, and witnessed his transformation. It was remarkable. One moment I was talking to Joe Average, the next I was witnessing his entire body and attitude “morph” (for lack of a better term).

It was almost eerie.

Have you ever gone to the ocean, sat down and timed your breaths to the rhythm of the tide? An absence of tension and division ensues as you form a unity with the phenomena. Self consciousness dwindles, as the moment becomes all encompassing. You become part of the painting.

That’s what I observed with this mystical Duan Juan. As she left (after inviting him to a party, completely ignoring me), he snapped back to his normal self and we were left talking “at” each other again.

“What the F**k was that!” I cried in dismay.

After some confusion and more than a little needling, he fessed up. He simply had no fear of woman, many things in life cause him pain and trauma, like all people. But around woman, he completely relaxed. Like some form of adaptive response that naturally developed, liberating him from fear and self-consciousness with women.

(Incidentally, at this time, he was on welfare, yet somehow had scammed the system and got the government to also pay for his degree. A philosophy degree, no less. No job. I bumped into him about 3 years later and he was filthy rich.)

Anyway, I’m rambling. Sorry. Point being, this obsession with penis size is very unhealthy. But, even worse, you have bought into a slave morality, by becoming insecure around women, you’ve already lost the game before getting on the field.

You’ve just been mind-fucked. And every hour you spend at the gym, or on you cock, or on “self-improvement”, is about a dozen women you’ve eliminated from ever even potentially stepping into your life.

Geez…I think I just deconstructed my life.


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Great post Northstar!

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

That was deep, man. I wouldn’t never ask a chick about an ex-dick (that’s all he is to me, anyway). It doesn’t mean I don’t ponder it, but fuck that! I don’t wanna know! I don’t care! Why give a chick ammo to blow you away with later on? Sometimes in a relationship, or even in a casual setting, honesty is not the best policy.

I suggest reading “Venus In Furs” …..a very insightful book written a long time ago by the guy who “Invented” masochism. It’ll give you some insight as to what women are and how they operate.

Becoming.... Godsize

Originally posted by northstar
… you've already lost the game before getting on the field.


One of the best quotes I’ve heard yet.

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

I always keep up the pimpin on the youngins lol. I tend to have a more of a me dominate relationship and they tend to try not to let me get full of myself or keep me in check or something. Everytime i try to ask girls I usually get ya some were bigger and some were smaller. I can’t figure it out and they always hesitate on it. I think that part is psychological and they dont want some people to get cocky, no pun intended there.

Maybe some were bigger but it might be only one person.

I really can not see others being that much bigger when she can get a good hand and a half on there before the head pretty easy. I think some of it is relative to body size or somethin too.

This one kid at college claims he has a 9”. thats all he says about it and i dont believe it for shit. Hed have a lot better lookin gf or somethin i guess and i never hear him brag about it that much so it cant be true its all talk. I bet if a girl was like ok take you pants off right now he wouldnt

its always fun to whip it out when a girl thinks it aint that big

I started pe at 5x4. I was small, and knew it. To me, everyone had a bigger prick. Those days are long gone, and I don’t even worry about it anymore.

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