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As far as length goes, which schedule?

As far as length goes, which schedule?

Does anyone have reason to believe that for length, a certain schedule is better than another? For example: 3on 1off, 5on 2off, 6on 1off, etc.? Specifically, has anyone experimented with various schedules and found that one is superior for length using a manual routine?

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I would think that something like this would have to do more with a person, rather than what is a general rule for all or most. It’s still an interesting question that I’m curious to read the responses it generates.

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do stretches under hot water or a constant heat source. It will make your dick longer…at some point.

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I think this is a truly individual response - just like regular training in the gym. Some guys thrive on frequent workouts, others cannot.
However, as a general rule, I believe that the more you stretch, the better. This is not true of impaction exercises (jelqs, ulis, horse440s, etc.).
If you’re really keen on length, start with 1/2 hour in the morning & 1/2 hour at night, 7 days per week - all stretching (you might add a minute or two every week or two - until you’re doing 2 1-hour sessions, if need be). And, of course, do piss pulls throughout the day. Then, do jelqs every other day.
Give that a try, and don’t forget to use damp heat during your stretching sessions.

P.S., I’m now a firm believer of post workout wrapping - either use a Homedics velcro wrap, or use a sock & a cheap cable clamp from Walmart. I believe it’s valuable to keep the penis in an extended state after a workout for as long as possible. Even keeping your unit wrapped with hanger’s wrap, in a stretched state, for prolonged periods.

Thanks Wad, I’ll probabaly have to settle for 2 fifteen minute sessions for awile, the wife really doesn’t like pe. Also, healing with a clamp or homedics wrap just isn’t an option for me. I need to delicately balance pe and my wife, if she noticed a cable clamp around my dick it would be very bad. Also the guy who told you he gained two inches I’m sure wasn’t wrapping. All I need is a lousy 3/4 inch length and I could just do a maintenance shedule for fun. I would hang if I could…but I think it’s clear why I cannot. Good luck on your break…at least you know when you come back you can (have the ability) to gain length, I still don’t even know if I can for sure.

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My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL

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