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Are all of a newbies "gains" actually GAINS?

Are all of a newbies "gains" actually GAINS?

Hey guys: Two weeks into my second month I find myself wondering about my “gains”- *especially* my girth. The more I look at people’s stats, the more It seems to me that girth gains come with some difficulty. Putting my “gains” up beside what seems to be the statistical curve leads me to believe that my newbie gains are, in part at least, the *restoration of my native wood*.

Perhaps what happens during the newbie phase is that your cock plumps back out to it’s hard-as-hell nineteen year old self and some of your initial newbie “gains” are in proportion to how much you’ve shrunk or lost since you were in your teens. If you’ve gone quite far down the hill from where you were as a teen then you’ll “gain” back to your 17 year old badself and therefore consider yourself a “quick gainer”. This is definitely what I feel has happened to me in the girth department. Length-wise I’ve definitely GAINED (i.e. I was never this long even in high school- I measured BP to try and get the longest reading-lol), but as I’ve considered a 1/4” gain in girth in one month and remembered back to what my dick used to be like, I’ve come to conclude that a size-able amount of my girth “gains” as a newbie are a result of reclaiming what was already mine. Instinct tells me that I may have actually only GAINED 1/16th of an inch beyond my max girth back in the day and that the other 3/16ths are recovering lost ground.

Has anyone posited such a notion around here before? Probably, but I’d be interested to see if anyone thinks this kind of “dick memory” is functioning during newbie gains and therefore making the progress of some newbies look faster than others. One would think that if this were the case that the older a PE’er (therefore the more he’s shrunk) the bigger his initial newbie gains would be- and vice-versa. Perhaps this is just my way of trying to explain my 1/4” girth gain in the first month- hell I thought I’d measured wrong, but I took *pictures* so there’s really no disputing that *something* happened. But what? Can you really GAIN a 1/4” of real, PE driven girth in one month? Id say a gain like that has to happen during the first three months or so.

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The first week or ten days after I started, there was really a rocket effect. I’m not exactly sure of dimensions, but I remember having a hard time making my dick stand up, and measure about 13-14 cm (a little abve 5 inch) nbp. After 10 days or so, I was feeling very excited, seeing hot dreams, and measuring 17 or 17,5 cm BP. (about 7 inch)

So: for anyone who just begins PE, there’s such an effect I think.

But I would consider myself an example for your question, I gained 1/4 inch girth in 6 weeks, after the initial gains.

I think it’s a matter of time and intensity, so aristocane’s theory is right. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made really quick gains, that’s possible if he puts the effort.

As for the girth gains coming slowly, I think the main reason for this is that people have a tendancy to focus on length first. So they jump to routines like hanging, stretching, etc. Second, effective methods aren’t known for girth as much as it’s known for length. Hanging, is an exercise which allows you to put stresses lengthwise you can’t put by just stretching. The equivalent of this girthwise is , clamping. But it’s extreme form isn’t commonly used by people, yet. Aristo is a pioneer in this area I think. As success comes from more and more members, I think his technique and variations will be commonly used. And people will achieve more girth gains.

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Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

I think my inch of length gains simply came from pushing the ruler harder into my fat pad. I don’t think I’ve gained anything in the 11 months I’ve been doing this. Hanging is my last hope.

Yeah, it does seem like us old farts gain faster than the young guys, but after that first inch or so things slow down and even out.

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I’m just glad that the 1/4 inch girth gained actually occured! lol. If I hadn’t of taken the pics I’d probably discounted the gain as an initial mismeasure.

<<<Yeah, it does seem like us old farts gain faster than the young guys, but after that first inch or so things slow down and even out.>>>

Wow, hard to believe a theory of mine seems to pan out- my theories are usually about as sound as a tinfoil hat. Hell, I *hope* I get an inch before the slowdown- regardless, at 6.5 BP I’m a donator!

And girtha, I wanted to tell you that I’ve gained quite a bit of inspiration from your stats and stories. You started a little behind me size-wise and now I’m a dwarf next to you. That’s awesome as far as I’m concerned, showing what’s possible. I love to see the stats of someone who started smaller than me who would now arouse my envy in the locker room. And your statement, “life begins at 40”- hell yeah! Just turned 39 and looking down at a dick that’s slightly better than it was at 18 years of age is friggin’ exciting. I’m back to working out, taking supplements- it feels like a rebirth.

THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski

I think that it is easier to gain back to the largest you have been in younger years, but i think the newbie gains are actually gains. I’m not sure but I am 18 and the largest I even was before PE was 7 1/4 nbp. Right in the beginning I gained 1/4 inch, and then a little over 4 months later I gained another 1/4th. So personally I think that the reason people get gains towards the beginning of PE is that they are not used to the stress and so they gain faster until their penises get used to it.

My gain has been in length, as you can see in my sig. I can tell you I have never been this size in my life. I have been obsessed with my penis size since the first time someone told me I had had a “thin little thing” so I don’t fit the theory of re gaining or reclaiming. Even though it is bone pressed 6” erect length it is a major milestone for me. For all of the years I have heard that the magic 6” is the norm or average and I never was was well very difficult to over come. I took all the self help classes to boost my confidence and self esteem and tried to make up for being inadequate down there. But I always had to pass on the parties that I knew were those kind of parties where I might be exposed you know? Lots of sex I missed out on because of my little wanker, or rather because of my issues about my wanker. Now I am actually 6” erect, I am going through some kind of inner change already, I feel it beginning inside. I am being very carefull not to let this become too important to me, just in case It fails, for some ungodly reason. But It is the best news I have ever had in my sex life. Size does matter, I’ve seen it, my roomate in the service had a 10” penis non bone pressed. He used to bring 2 women back to the barracks with him. In small towns off base we often ended up dating the same girls between us and I can tell you they never squirmed or moaned like that for me. Well good luck to you all, this place rocks.

I think a lot of peoples “newbie gains” are due to an increase in erection strength. That can still be considered a gain though; without exercises like jelqing, chances are the erection strength wouldn’t have increased like that. So jelqing leading to a bigger erection = gains, really.

For me my erection strength actually got worse (due to neglecting kegels and improper warm-ups etc.), so my newbie gains certainly were “genuine”.

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