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Anywhere zinger ?

Anywhere zinger ?

Checked the voltage of “std” zinger installed in “std” location. Reading 0.5 volts.

Checked voltage from zinger to dick. Reading 0.3 volts.

Zinger to finger. 0.3 volts.

Zinger to toe. 0.3 volts.

Removed zinger from “std” location and put it on my wrist.

All readings same as above.



I was surprized when I did that to find that I could get a voltage reading between any two points on my body, with zinger or not.



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Originally posted by ThunderSS
Hey wantmo,

Did you check the readings if you had the zinger laying on a table? As in, not anywhere near your body at all?

And your conclusions from your posted measurements are?

Don’t know what to think, other than, I have an exciting personality.??


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