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Ball Zinger (Blakoe Ring)

Ball Zinger (Blakoe Ring)

Has anyone tried the Ball Zinger (Blakoe Ring) from Tom Hubbard’s sire? Any successes or dissapointments?

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I made a couple version just like on Toms site. I made one to go around my nutsac and one to go around everything. However, my only concern is, when it comes to the copper tubing, does it _have_ to be food grade copper tubing?

Any ideas?

I made the ring that goes around everything with food grade copper tubing. I did not add any saline solution as I’ve heard the voltage without the solution is negligable. I haven’t noticed anything in the past three weeks I’ve worn it except perhaps a better flaccid hang during the day. Actually at night I have to take it off before I sleep since its a bit snug and makes my head a little cold but not purple. Anyone with any luck with the ring please chime in.



I followed Tom’s design, but used a shorter cut (30mm) of solid core zinc and solid copper ( 3/8”), purity grade up to 99.9%, held together by surgical grade latex tubing (3/8”OD 1/4” ID ).

I wear it snug over the whole organ, above the penis and under the testicles, I find it very comfortable and quite often I don’t even feel it is there. The secret is not to make the ring too tight, but “relaxed”.

I found on the first two days of wearing it, some unexpected changes, such as penis felt extended on the flacid stage, and the testicle sac fuller. I did masturbate to confirm Tom’s experience and yes….had a very strong and more abundant ejaculate. This could not be coincidence.

Right on lonelybb. I’ll see if if I can pick up this zinc somewhere in town. How permanent would you say your “changes” are?

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make sure that the zinc is at 99.95% purity, not just zinc coated or alloy…otherwise you may get nickel, tin, cadmium, lead or even cobalt in the mix.

I have not worn the zinger long enough to notice the “permanency” of the effects, however, by reading the site, and other postings in the forum, I would conclude that the effects will last for several weeks even without wearing the ring.

I have enough materials to make a few more zingers, if you are interested…

Hello, a quick question here, might be perceived as silly but I gotta ask. With the ball zinger and it’s electrical current could there be any possibility of adverse effects such as sterility? Like every aspect of my PE training safety is always first.

Thank you.

I’ve read some of those threads, and nowhere did I come across anything of the sort. Didn’t come across anything to suggest it was worth the bother, either.

regards, mgus

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Ok, thanks for the heads up.

Although I am now “semi-retired” and enjoying plenty of time off to travel, I receive messages from time to time by members and total strangers about building them a ballzinger. It seems that interest in this little gadget will never die. Fact or fiction, one will never know until you try it. I wish I had more time to enter this forum and continue discussions on this topic with my old friends and new members, but I am travelling and having too much fun with my 26 years old girlfriend…Love you guys.

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Originally Posted by westla90069
To answer your question: no. The tiny amount of current generated is not dangerous, nor does it do anything to make you grow or stimulate hormone or sperm production. It’s a fun gadget, but essentially useless.

I fully agree with westla - don’t waste time, money or effort for that kind of stuff (if it’s not just for the fun of it).

Later - ttt

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