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Ball Zinger construction questions

Ball Zinger construction questions

Thanks everyone for the fast replies of my last dilemma.

I was looking at Tom Hubbards penis workshop. I want to make a Ball Zinger, but correct me if I am an Idiot, but I could not find where it says how long the pieces of pipe should be. It just says “cut to length”. Does that mean they can be any size? I don’t want to electrify my package! Also, does anyone know of any dangers of the Ball Zinger? Side effects? I want to shoot massive loads, but I don’t want cancer to do it!

This is an off topic question, but I might as well get it answered since this is my chance to talk with the pro’s! How does a newbie advance in level? Using an Avatar, posting his own threads and whatnot?

Thanks a bunch everyone!

Use the FAQ button. This should answer most of your site technical specific questions. As far as the Ball Zinger thing, I have no clue.


Do a search on Ball Zinger and you should get a long ass thread with the experiences of members here. The forum questions are answered in the faq, button at the top right of any page.

Cut to length means cut the tubing to suit your package. No danger of zapping yourself. My advice, find something else to do that actually works.

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Thanks for the advice- the easy road is rarely the right one.

Then again, the people in the posts talking about the Ball Zinger sound really excited about their Zinger’s.

I have read all the newbie info and the FAQ but I could not find anything concrete about the avatars and such.

Thanks a lot, Thunder. I appreciate your time spent on the little questions just as much as the big!

Oh, I am surprised, I mean, are you not THE Thunder? - From Thunder’s place? I would think you would be the person to ask any sort of PE question. Is it because you would be too busy answering everybody’s questions from all over everywhere, that you just limit yourself to the easy ones?

Are you THE Legolas? Because if you are I have to tell you that sliding down the elephant trunck thing in Return of the King was PHAT!


What a timely post Thunder….lol.


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
:) No legolas, it’s because I don’t know everything and don’t claim too. Usually I hunt down the smart asses. That keeps me busy.

That makes me feel Sooo Proud!

Thunder, Good luck hunting, and thanks for your time.

Petitfaun, I wish I could say I did the elephant move, unfortunately people just say I look like him so I got the nickname.

Maybe I will come up with a PE stretch and call it the Legolas Elephant.

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