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Anyone got a really quick way to gain length?


Thanks again for all your replies, i only have her word for this but she did say she measrued it and i have no reason to doubt her, in reply to ISC, she has said that it was painful at times so obviously at other times it must have been enjoyable, i think i’ll take everyones advice and just concentrate on hanging now but would like to know how much bib hanger is so i’ll try a search, also where to find them etc. Anyway, thanks again for your help



Forget the quick gains. Why expose yourself to the anxiety and possibility of injury that will come with hurriedly approaching a matter that should take time - if done correctly.

I do, however, have a great solution to your problem
*this will only work if you have not told her what your current dimensions are.

First step is to tell your girlfriend that you, like her ex-boyfriend sport an incredible 8.5” girth. Brighten her day even more by telling her that unlike her ex, however, you have the ideal length (her ideal, right?) of 8.5”. At this point it will be very hard to stop her from jumping up and down with delight, but try to keep her calm and promise her that soon you will let her at it.

Step two: Over the next few weeks spend all of your time fabricating a measuring tape that reads to even the most discerning eye as perfectly normal, yet has its numbers and increments strategically spaced so that at the point on the tape where it reads 8.5” it is in actuality 6.5”.
As well, craft a common household item that normally measures 8.5” girth (I think soft drink cans have that girth) into an equally undetectable miniature copy.

Once you are convinced your bogus tape and soda can are perfected, make your move. Sleep with your girlfriend.
She will likely express an overt amount of joy and enthusiasm when she receives your tool (6.5”x 6.5” is way above average and will, trust me, spin her head).
If the young lady lets on in any way that you seem easier to handle than her ex, chalk it up to the fact that she is just that much more comfortable with you and that you are an excellent lover (unlike her ex).
If she persists, capitalize on her doubt by asking her if she would like to measure it herself - but on one condition: you will only ever allow her to measure you this one time - and as luck would have it you just happen to have a measuring tape in your pocket!

If she expresses any doubt that your unit “measures up”, tell her to grab the empty soda can (that you planted on the night stand next to the bed) and measure it for confirmation - because everyone knows soda cans are 8.5” in girth.

Should she become suspicious in the future, brush it off by telling her to measure a can of Coke (a real one with a real measuring tape) but you simply cannot break your promise to yourself that you would only let her measure you that one time.

There you go. Believe me, constructing these prop items will be a lot easier than gaining 25% dick size by next tuesday.
You are a solid 8.5” x 8.5” and she is happy. No one need ever be the wiser.


Im 8X7

He could have had her measure from behind the balls on the underside of the shaft, and for girth around the nut sack close to the base. That’d bump stuff up quite a bit…

Me, I’d just ignore it and fuck her brains out, making sure she came over and over and over, until the other guy is just a distant bad memory… :)

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The captn never ceases to amaze me.

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Originally Posted by gwinea2000
I do believe a 9.5 x 8 penis would be (volumetrically) significantly bigger than anything I have ever seen in any porn. This includes Mandingo, Lex, Holmes, etc. In short, I believe (regardless of her intentions) her estimate must be quite a bit off.

Otherwise, you’re in the unenviable position of dating a woman has experienced one of the largest penises in the world.

lol I luaghed so hard reading that last line.

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How hard you are makes a big difference in her pleasure as well as it makes a difference in your length. If you are not confident that you will be 100% erect, try using V or Cialis for your first encounter to make sure she gets everything you have.

basil -’ve COMPLETELY got the wrong mindset here…just like I had. From my perspective, you seem to have the same problem that keeps making me stop PEing and then restarting again after one or two months. Well actually, this is not the main reason why, but it has definitely been a contributor. Whenever I start getting sexually involved with some new chick, it’s like all of a sudden I rediscover PE again, maybe because I’m not sure she’ll like my size.. or maybe the last person she’s been with was 2 inches longer…or whatever bullshit reason. some point, I stop PEing (again) either because I no longer give a shit about what she thinks about my size since we’ve had sex “enough” times, or because I’m no longer banging/seeing her at all. (And there are definitely other more significant reasons including bad time management and boredom, but I’ve talked about that stuff before in another thread.)

So let’s say there is this magical, really quick way to gaining length..and you do it.. and then x months from now you are done with her. Do you really think you’ll still be dedicated to PE basil? Do you think those “quick gains” will stay there without you taking the time to cement them? I seriously doubt it, because from what it sounds like, you aren’t doing this for yourself, you are just doing it just to impress or satisfy her.

Well, fuck that. You have to do this for yourself and no one else. You’ve developed the wrong attitude for PE, and I don’t know why I’m the only one so far who has picked this up from reading your posts in this thread. If you don’t find the dedication for PE from within yourself, then seriously, forget about doing it again. I’ve been doing this shit for at least two years (probably as long as you, I guess?) and haven’t had much to show for it since I keep starting and stopping, and holy shit, it is so fucking infuriating that I wish I never even found out about any of this. There are guys on here who haven’t been doing this for even half as long as I have been, and they’ve got double the gains that I have now. I never lost any of my girth gains either, but length was completely different story.

Seriously, if you aren’t doing this SOLELY for yourself, then you’ll never have get the length you want from PE. Why even bother with it any longer? You’re better off running into a bathroom and whipping out a penis pump or some mechanism to quickly puff up your cock right before having sex, rather than wasting time trying to make gains that will end up deteriorating in a few months. Don’t try kidding yourself here man…you’re trying to do this for her. That’s not gonna get you anywhere.

I’m not trying to sound like a fucking prick with my reply to your thread (well, heh, too late I guess). I just don’t want you to become frustrated, miserable, and disgusted with PE (which basically describes the situation I am stuck in now). You’ve got a fat enough dick right now as it is. Jesus…6.5 inch girth and this girl ain’t happy? I bet it won’t even fit in her mouth.

“It was painful at times” Fucking sure it was! Get 2 coke cans and tape them together lengthways, slip it into bed in the dark and try to slip it into her. When she complains tell her thats what size her ex “apparently” was.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

Girl claims she had a huge ex? Stick a spider in the bathroom or a mouse in the kitchen and when she comes out screaming ask her how big the spider/mouse was...

Why this girl is trying to make you insicure?

You really believe her?


If her ex-boyfriends dick is as big as two coke cans…than I am President Bush.

Peing since--November 2003

Originally Posted by japanaji
If her ex-boyfriends dick is as big as two coke cans…than I am President Bush.

Get those troops out of IraQ!!!!!!!!


I loved Captains comment!!!

I cant see any girl having sex with someone that size. I sometimes think that there is a big gap betweeen what I read on here and reality. Most girls i know refuse to have sex with those who are 6.5”+ in length yet on thunders i read of girls readily accomadating 8” in girth.

Your girlfriend is playing with you, your penis is an awesome size and i would love to have a dick like yours. Start off with some basic routines that you can find here and pace yourself.

your lady is lying mate. Your fella is way more than adequate, especially in the girth stakes. Go and give it her good and proper!


Buddy, listen to all of the fellas here. Your lady friend is just trying to control you bro. There is no way her old boyfriend’s unit was that size. You are hung bro, just remember that. Best of luck.

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