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Anyone got a really quick way to gain length?


Anyone got a really quick way to gain length?

hello, i’ve done pe before for a long time but gains were happening in thickness but not length. It was making me look stubby so i stopped, curently 6.5 length and 6.5 girth, looks stubby. Anyway, i got new girlfriend now and thought id be plenty for her but she let it slip that her ex is, believe it or not, 9.5 long and about 8in thick, i know she wouldnt lie about this and as we havent slept together yet i was going to try something, anything to increase length fast. I know she said she could ONLY manage 7.5-8 of it but im well short of that.

Ive got l-arginine now and am doing the main exercises, stretches, jelq etc and am using power jelq but still not going anywhere fast. Did same routine for about 6 months before, gained .25 length and 1in girth. Please help


I think you should join the hangers club. Order a Bib and do it right.

With that girth you definately need to hang. Get with it. By the way, I really doubt your girl knows what an 8 inch girth is.

Something you seem to have omitted, something potentially quite important; did she actually say that she enjoyed those sorts of dimensions?

I also agree with Philadelph, it is pretty bloody unlikely her ex had an 8” girth, even 7” would be unlikely.

thanks for quick reply

Thanks for replies, how fast does this hanging work, never tried it, just want really fast results without too much damage or pain


she measured it apparently because she realised it was bigger than normal, either way i believe her and its not the girth im worried about, im 6.5 and think that should be thick enough but length is different, i know that 6.5 is average but compared to others and her ex its not quite enough. Any tips on safe but sure way to hang and gain length in weeks not months, id be happy with .5 to a inch


Look Basil,

You’ve been around the block. There is no such thing as really fast or predicting gains. You take what you get when you get it.

Wasn’t the best girth 6”? So you are already over the best practical size a female can take inside. I am not sure how does an 8” girth look, but if a vagina can accomodate such a size easily other than during birth, then you would be doomed with no joy. Such a female would give birth as easy as she excrements(shits).

In terms of gaining length, I am stretching my penis by holding it between my feet, and it helped me gain some good length.


Are you sure she measured her ex’s at 8” girth? The women I’ve been with didn’t have a clue as to size and what 8” girth means. Are you sure she wasn’t bullshitting you? Anyway, I don’t know of a quick way to make any kind of gains in length here. It takes time and a lot of effort. When I tell people I put in one to two hours a day for four months, with rare breaks, their usual response is, “Well, I don’t have that kind of time,” or “That sounds kind of crazy to me.” In any case, there are no quick fixes here, and you get out of it what you put in to it. Good luck, pal.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



I have to say, I too, doubt that your girlfriend’s ex had a dick that big. But anyway, you have a most excellent girth and your length is not bad either. You have nothing to worry about. I agree with Gprent, if you want more length than you should hang. I use the Bib Hanger and it is great! Good luck and don’t rush it or you may injure yourself and gains will take even longer.



>Thanks for replies, how fast does this hanging work, never tried it, just want really fast results without too much damage or pain<

4 weeks of hanging BTC; gain: .4” EL and counting…
LOT: ~8:30
20 hours of total hang time.
Start: 3x15 min; 4#.
Now: 4x18 min; 8.5#.
Pain: Skin discomfort early on. No pain or problems since.
Damage: None.

More notes:

Prior to hanging: 3 months of jelqing with no EL or EG gains. Quit jelqing for now, focusing on hanging for length.
Technique: Legs high (knees point almost straight up). Reverse kegels.
No ADS; just occassional tugs throughout the day.
Gear: Standard bib; infrared heat lamp.


Sorry to keep prodding at this, but did she actually say that she enjoyed such dimensions? If not then you’re not really gaining for her, you’re just trying to compete against her ex, which, as many on this board can attest, is an absolute no-win situation.

Her statement of 9.5 long and about 8in thick is highly dubious.

There are no Speed PE methods, if so, everybody would be 8x6.

Where you say you just want really fast results without too much damage or pain scares me a bit, as this not a good attitude for PEing. Injury is always watching for the unwary.

Having said that, I think hanging is probably you’re best bet for gaining length quickly. But I advise you take care and be cautious. Get a good hanger and take it slow when going up in weight.

Be Careful.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

What’s your LOT?

If it’s high, concentrate on manual stretching straight down or between the cheeks, if you don’t want to/can’t hang.

Easiest/quickest length gains in PE there is, in my opinion…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

I do believe a 9.5 x 8 penis would be (volumetrically) significantly bigger than anything I have ever seen in any porn. This includes Mandingo, Lex, Holmes, etc. In short, I believe (regardless of her intentions) her estimate must be quite a bit off.

Otherwise, you’re in the unenviable position of dating a woman has experienced one of the largest penises in the world.

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