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Another Question For Tom Hubbard (re:blakoe ring)

Another Question For Tom Hubbard (re:blakoe ring)

How has your success been with the blakoe ring? Has it increased cum volume, ejac force etc. ??

Very interetsing design and principle. Your DYI attitude continues to amaze me….


I actually haven’t worn it for a few weeks…at first I really felt different, but then it didn’t seem to be doing much, and I got into the uncirc stuff (which isn’t a conflict, just seemed like a lot of “jewelry” to be wearing.

Better to ask others, perhaps?


I’ve been wearing one pretty much continuously since my original posting on it. For me the thing is no longer an experiment, it works and I’m happy with it.

I had no ED before the zapper. For me anything that would naturally raise testosterone levels and/or bloodflow was worth looking at. My curve continued up and seems to have levelled at between 9 and 10 really powerful contractions during each orgasm

I’m going to continue with it, maybe there’ll be another upward spike in the curve.

I modified it again. I found some really strong ceramic bar magnets at Lowe’s with the polarization on the long faces instead of the ends. They are 7/8” X 1/4”. I forced 3 per side into the tubing alternating the polarity so that there were 2N and 1S on one side and 2S and 1N on the other. Seems to have an excellent effect on localized bloodflow.

Hope that helps,



Do you have the north poles facing upward (inward?) on the zinc side or the copper side or in between?

I bought some 1/4” dia. x 1/4” long magnets from McMaster but haven’t put them in yet.

Talking about feeling like a Christmas tree, right now I’ve got on a padlock and three flex rings. Really need the groin battery to be complete.



I’m using (mostly) Tom’s 2nd design with one piece of solid zinc and one piece of copper held together with 2 pieces of tubing. The magnets take up all the hollow part of the tube, 3 on one side, 3 on the other. On one side I went NSN facing the skin. On the other I went SNS facing the skin. Once I got them in I superglued the tube to the hidden portions of the zinc and the copper.

Happy charging,


Hey Moth?

Hey Moth or Others,

Why the addition of magnets? I thought it was just the copper and zinc…did I miss something??

Nine SPurts !! that’s great…how many did you start at? and do you wear it round the clock? How long till you saw results?

Do any of you use the saline in it? Does any one design betther than the others?

…And if you think you like a christmas tree than I must look like New Years Eve! lol

Between ball stretchers, tuggers, hangers, and soon the blakoe ring, i can start my own hardware store……..



I’ll bump the original thread, all will be answered there.


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