swing ring bulge question

Hi everybody,

My girlfriend tracked down some of the famous golf weights for me yesterday. I asked for six of them but she only came back with five which cost me four dollars a piece. They are actually called swing rings according to the package they came in. I was able to wear all of them for most of the day with minimal problems. Although, I did notice my glans became cool a couple of times, so I decided to wear three at a time to start out with. I was able to piss just fine and they stayed on great with no wrap.

I was really surprised how well these things gripped the skin. I have enough flaccid girth to where I actually had to soap them up to get them on (I’m not bragging). Then, I rinsed very well and used the hair drier while holding them in place. Also, I noticed that it helped by scotch taping the rings together so they hung as a unit. Otherwise, they pinched my skin on occasion due to them separating and then closing back up when I was in odd-ball positions working on my semi-tractor. Taping the rings together may help them to stay on as well.

One thing I noticed is that my bulge is definitely more pronounced while wearing these things. My girlfriend jokingly told me that what ever woman were to pull my pants down would be in for a big disappointment. I just responded by telling her to kiss my ass!

Here’s my question: Has anybody ever experienced temporary dorsal nerve damage from wearing these things?