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Question about penis ring and pump

Question about penis ring and pump

Hi Guys..

I need instructions about penis ring when I’m using penis pump. Can any one explain to me exactly how it works?

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There is a great guide called pumping 101 its a sticky which will point you in the right direction.

Hi Cocopop,

I would advise you to start with the newbie routine first before you start pumping.
I gained a lot from the newbie routine and it conditioned me for the other forms
of advance PE. I think your question is quite specific and LordAaron is right in his advice
reading Pumping 101.

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If you are pumping simply to improve your erection for sex and not at this point looking to gain length and girth, the following is a good procedure used by men with ED:

Lube your dick and the base of the tube well and insert your shaft into the tube and press the tube tightly against your pubic area. Pump up until your gauge reads between 4 and 5 hg, (If you do not have a gauge, pump until you are between 1/2” to 1/4” below your normal erect length) Never pump to the point of discomfort. After five or ten minutes remove your shaft from the tube and slide the cock ring down to the base of your shaft. (the ring will maintain your engorgement) Reinsert your shaft into the tube and pump as above for 5 minutes. Pull out your cock, lube it some more and you will b e ready to go.

I repeat, the above instructions are to temporarily improve your erection quality and should not be considered as a recommended PE exercise.

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