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I’m new to this forum, but I’ve been doing PE for over a year(off and on). I haven’t had much success other than slight girth growth.

I recently saw this device, Andro-Penis, on the web. Its from Europe and is approved by the “European Union Health Authorities.” They claim to have some studies that says it works.

Has anyone heard of or used this device?


Greetings GoLarge, and welcome.

This seems like another variant of the “All Day Stretcher”, aka ADS method of stretching.

There was a thread on making your own, look
here. Some guys really got into the particulars of the design. Saved them quite a bit of $$

Also, look here for some other ideas.


Hey GoLarge,

This device looks exactly like a device I purchased several years ago. It was than called “PenisStretcher.” They should of called it “PenisKiller.” You must loop a piece of fairly rigid tubing under the glans and spring loaded rods are than released, providing the tension. You can really crank this baby up, which I didn’t. Even with this piece of tubing wrapped with some soft cloth and with the recommended amount of tension, you gotta be some kind of S/M freak to wear this thing. It HURTS. After a couple of days, I thought I was going to do some serious damage to my dick. The head on my cock looked alien. Plus, this thing is fairly expensive, like close to $300!!! I’m a firm believer in ADS and have found golf clubs weights to be a great solution. I hang and afterwards, to keep up the stretch, will wear them, sometimes all day, with no discomfort. I think a bibhanger goes for around $130 and after I got up to hanging 5 lbs., the swim cap wasn’t working well. The bibhanger is well designed and after you get it adjusted, works very well.

I love how they call it “Andro-Penis” almost like it has some sort of relation to steroids. I have also tried a similar device and YES it’s more like a penis strangler than anything. Not only that but, my rods kept unscrewing and the device would come apart while i wore it. You could also check my routine in the personal routines area.

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