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An odd thing to check out for yourself.

An odd thing to check out for yourself.

Not sure how many others out there feel the same way I do but since this is a “PE” forum and we talk about this kind of shit, here goes.

In the bathroom and get a rock solid hard on and look into the mirror, hmmmmmm looks and feels sort of small. Get into a 69 with the wife and look into the mirror at the end of the bed and WALLA, hmmmm, looks big??? The head is a funny thing as it processes at least the image of a penis as larger when laying down instead of standing up… Thought I would share this quirk I have with you guys and see how many others feel the same way…

I know exactly what you’re talking about! Basically, it comes down to what your dick is being compared to. If I look in the mirror, my dick is being compared to the rest of my body, so naturally I’m going to think that I’m smaller than I really am. BUT! When I’m in 69 with my girl and look in the mirror, my dick is being compared to her head. BIG difference. Perception can be a bitch sometimes :)

Here is my perspective: I know I could be bigger and could be smaller, the head on my unit is slightly bigger than it was pre pe=probably normal. Now, looking down at my head or in the mirror at my head it looks like nothing special. But when receiving head from my x numerous times I’ve compared it to her nose.

Woow talk about an ego-booster, try it next time your getting dome.

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