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Eureka!! Check this out now!

Eureka!! Check this out now!

Lam thanks alot. You really got me interested in this all day hanging thing. If water can cut through rock, then dammit, light weight can stretch a penis.
I tried the padlock with the rubberband noose but sadly it cut off circulation to the penis and also keep coming off with random movements which in an everyday situation, random movements happen all the time.
I went up to my room to try and figure out a way to make a light all day hanger and it struck me.
I went to home depot and walmart to get all the essential ingredients.
For this hanger you’ll need

1. A #20 size band clamp, the ones used to make the uli thing. Cost: $1.12

2. 2 small paper clips. Cost: 1 penny

3. A small amount of 6-10 lb test fishing line. Cost: LOL

4. A small carribeaner or hook attachment of some sort. Cost: 1 or 2 dollars

5. A weight of your choice(Locks work, I use a section out of a set of ankle weights that weighs 24 ounces) thats 12 to 24 ounces, or whatever is comfy to you.

6. Theraband wrap, and or some soft fabric under wrap.

Take the wrap and go around the ridge of the head. be sure to cover the top 1/2 of the head and a good prtion of the foreskin. Tape it up.

Take your two paper clips and put them in the small slits in the band clamp so that they form a diameter to the circle the band clamp makes. IOW, they should be directly across from each other. Use a small amount of fishing line to conect the bottom ends of the clips together so you have a hook. Then use the carribeaber to attach the weight. When the weight is attached it should hang on the line, and not the paper clips. Before attach the weight, put on the band clamp. about 1/2” behind the end of the head. Tigthen it firm, but allow for high circulation. Attach the weight and put your pants on and your ready to go. You’ll be carrying a screwdriver with you all day so you can remove and attach the hanger if needed.
The screwdriver will very much resemble a penny…..wait, it is a penny! Works awesome. You may need to dilly dally with it for a while to get a perfect fit for yourself but trust me it is worth it. The lig stretch is FABULOS! I wore a 24 ounce weight for about two hours and trust me it was 90% ligs 10% skin. And my head was very warm and sensitive too. It still helps to check once every 30 minutes and I would suggest removing it once every 2 hours or so for about 10-20 minutes. The only tough part I haven’t perfected yet is how to keep the swinging of the weight to a minimal. That’s where I need help from you guys. Lets put our brains together and perfect this thing. It really feels great on the ligs. Imaging being able to keep them extended 8-10 hours a day. Please give me feedback and tell me what you guys think OK? Thanks.

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Here’s where I need to chime in. I was going to wait until I had positive results, but this post has forced the issue. I’ve been strongly attracted to the all day stretch concept for quite some time. Why? Quite simply, there is overwhelming, scientifically published and reviewed, medical evidence that any part of the human body can be manipulated and stretched or otherwise elongated to new *PERMANENT* proportions. Bones, skin, veins, arteries, nerves…, you name it. So, with that in mind I’ve been working with a simple padlock contraption that I wear throughout the day, keeping a gentle but definitely noticeable pull on the ligs. I have experienced almost no skin stretch from the padlocks. I was going to share any results with the board in about another month, since I felt the month and a half I’ve been using it was not sufficient enough time to judge results.

Anyway, here’s what I am currently doing:
Started in mid February with one padlock, approx .22 Kg (.5 lbs).
Had a lot of trouble with circulation.
20 minutes on, 5 off. Jelq to recover lost circulation.
Repeat every day, except weekends, until I could work up to wearing it for about 2 hours a day. By this time, I did not need to remove the lock. I had somehow built up a tolerance and the circulation is no longer affected. Everything looks pink and healthy.
After about 3 weeks at .22 Kg, I added a second lock for a total of .44 Kg (1 lb).
I keep this on for at least 4 hours per day, but have been able to wear it for up to 8 hours in a single shot.
Still keep to a 5 day per week routine.
The end of March signaled another three week period and I now wish to up the weight to .66 Kg (1.5 lbs).
I also will be increasing the time as well.
I refuse to measure until the experiment is completed.
I am hoping to be up to 1Kg for 5 to 8 hours a day.
One thing I have noticed is that my erections are super rock hard.

The swinging during normal activities is troublesome. In order for this thing to work, it must hang unimpeded so I often will not wear underwear. I can counteract the swing by tethering the locks to my leg, but I must constantly check as even the tether gets moved around. Wrapping is also a problem. I wrap with a piece of old sweatshirt. Wrap to tight and there are circulation problems. Too loose and a pair of locks will magically appear on the floor. If I decide not to use the tether, sitting can be quite dangerous. The locks also do not have a very good center of gravity. The bulk of the lock hangs almost straight down, putting an unwelcome torque on my penis. I am thinking of building a different attachment for the locks. See the post “stretcher picture” and look for handyman’s picture of his stretcher. I need to constantly unlock the padlocks in order to use the bathroom. I’ve had the locks confiscated no less than 3 times at airports. No, I am not wearing them while going though the metal detectors.

So there you have it. Wish me luck. If anyone is doing something similar, I would love to hear about it.



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