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Is this a bad thing to be doing

Is this a bad thing to be doing

I recently got a small cut on the frenulum of my penis, under the head. It is nothing serious, but I took a day or two off of stretching to let it heal. I have never really been big on jelqing, but since I was limited with what I can do as far as PE was concerned, I decided to do a lot of jelqing on these days when I couldn’t stretch.

Jelqing seems to really help a ton with my EQ and my penis seems to look girthier, feel more firm, and look veinier. I am really liking the results I’m getting of only two days of nothing but jelqing.

Anyway, while I jelq sometimes I get to the point where I am pretty much fully erect, or almost fully erect. I know that they say a downward flaccid manual stretch targets the ligs, and we all know that when you push an erect penis downward it gets harder and seems to fill up with more blood. Sometimes I push down and hold it down for a few seconds thinking that it might help expand everything in the penis with the extra blood and possibly stretching the ligs out as well.

The thing is, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I did it once and it didn’t seem to have any negative PI’s, but I’m not totally sure if it’s okay to do. Is pushing down on your erect penis something that can help fill your penis with more blood and help with gains, or is it detrimental to the penis?

I don’t see anything wrong with that but jelqing fully erect or almost erect can definitely harm you. That’s where I got my injury. Stop when you feel like it’s fully erect then continue once the erection subsides.

Can you give us some details on your injury?

Originally Posted by Beelzeboss

Can you give us some details on your injury?

The thing is I got too excited after seeing huge gains just 3 weeks after I started so I increased the number and up the intensity of jelqing without stopping even if I’m fully erect. Right after that session, my whole penis went numb and I cannot feel my shaft. It was really depressing for me. I thought it will stay like that forever. It affected me so much that I wish I listened to the advice I’ve read before. Fortunately, I recovered after 1 month and that’s pretty long and I had to stop PE for that span of time. Actually, if you would try to search, numbness is a pretty common injury in PE but it can be prevented. So, just take it easy and slowly even if it takes so much time.

The same thing happened to me. Check out this thread.

Partial tear in frenulum


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