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AI Stretches(Johan) or prolonged lighter ones(hobby)...Which is best!!??

AI Stretches(Johan) or prolonged lighter ones(hobby)...Which is best!!??

Lets start a debate over this…My spin is I like the idea of AI stretches…can be done at almost anytime, it’s only 2 second stretches.

Prolonged stretches cannot be done all the time and will require
special amounts of time, I wonder how this will affect how much people like one way versus the other.

I just took a week off after 5 months, my schlong seems to be almost aching for some more attention…more PE!!

What stretching method do you employ or do you like?

Luvdadus, what are your feelings on these methods?

Boy I sure do like PE

You guys got it wrong

Ai stretching is not supposed to be intense.

I’ve studied it thourougly and it is not about intensity at all.

Where did you get that from?

You guys are going in the wrong direction. Ai stretches are short, yes, but by no means supposed to be intense. Intensity will tear the tissues or muscles regardless of length of time of stretch if too intense.

Ai stretches are done short to avoid the stretch reflex in muscles.

If you do an intense stetch, the reflex will still kick in immediately.

So, the correct way is short (2 seconds) and a non intense stretch - the same amount of pressure you would apply for a two minute stretch.


According to hobby’s wonderful post, it looks like only 40% intensity for a period of one hour is sufficient to coax the ligament
to be plastic and maintain some of the stretched amount.

AI’s are not supposed to be all out either, but I was thinking that more pressure than 40% was necessary because of the short duration of the pull…the repetition of the pulls being the key here.

I’m thinking that AI’s may be better for stretching the base attachments, and that prolonged stretches are more geared to
stretching the length or body of the ligament itself.

So maybe both are the way to go time allowing?!


Give your crank a yank and a spank

every now and then and watch what happens

Can you point me to the AI post?

You’ve sparked my interest

I owe all of my gains to Bib, Thunder & DLD.

Thank you just dosent seem to cover it.

I'll be forever indebted to Them!!

IMO, there is a place for both types of stretching since different types of tissue are involved in the lengthening process. Johan and others have reported good progress with 2-second stretches. These are designed to lengthen muscle, but obviously also have PE applications.

I theorize tissues other than ligaments are primarily responsible for initial gains. I gained 7/8” in my first 3 months, and ligaments surely don’t lengthen that quickly.

I think once you get to the stage where gains slow drastically or stall, ligament lengthening routines are probably the most effective way to progress.

Johan is a believer now

That is the title of the post

Good PE’ing


Give your crank a yank and a spank

every now and then and watch what happens


About AIS:

Muscles have an inherent stretch reflex (or whatever it’s officially called…) that will come after a strong “pull” or after about two to three seconds in a stretched position. So you really shouldn't pull your penis 100% but should feel a good stretch anyway… Even if this is basically a muscle stretch, of course it has effect on ligs as well. And when muscle is in relaxed position, you’ll get a longer stretch, when you stretch PC too.

I don’t want to call which one is the best, but I’m sticking with AIS now, because I’ve found it useful.

A Man behind his mask.

After switching from 15 mins of static stretching per day to about 15 minds of AI stretches spread out throughtout the day my ligs are actually getting sore now. I don’t know if i’ve seen gains yet since its only been a a couple of weeks since i started with the AI’s but I definately feel a difference. A small amount of soreness seems like a good thing and I just wasn’t getting it from the static stretches, i guess everybody is different. In terms of hobbies post it seemed as if 20-60 mins of sustained light stretches were the way to go, either way any manual stretch cannot achieve this time of workout. ADS or hanging definately seems like something ever serious PE’er has to do at some point, I can’t wait! I’m thinking manual techniques for the intial gains (maybe 4-6 months?) but the rest of the gains need to come from hanging or ADS at some point.

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