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advice needed....

advice needed....

Hey, I am a long term lurker, but I need to speak up about a problem I have developed over the past few months. I think I might have injured a vein/ nerve on the left side of my penis. There are a few hard veins on that side. The shaft hasn’t been expanding as well on the one side and there is a tingle in what feels like the inside of my head. Plus, I don’t have nearly the sensation I used to have in the head. Also, there is a hard ridge right beneath what i believe to be the corona and it is sort of numb/ painful there and above it. Is this just a case of over working or am I permanently screwed? Any thing you guys you can give me is greatly appreciated. This is certainly one area of my body that I do not want messed up.

Add kegels to your routine and lower your intensity. Doing some edging would be a good idea too.

I stopped everthing thinking I need time to heal. Even just jelqing was aggrevating it further.

Rufus,I’m no doctor but it sounds to me like either a thrombosed vein on the side of the penis.The hard ridge you describe below the glans is most likely a blocked lymph vessel.Take some aspirin a couple times a day and apply heat such as a rice sock or even a hot bath and gently massage the areas.I had a lymph blockage that I cleared up simply with heat and gentle massage.When it opened I could literally see it drain down.Wow!What a relief that was.For the thrombosis,you will have to work it for several days to a couple of weeks.If you have the money to purchase the ingredients,this stuff Eroset’s Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more works wonders on thrombosed veins.

Shoot! Too late to edit.I also wanted to mention that you should read through the E V O thread because there is info in it on getting the ingredients cheap.Don’t be a fool and make the rent payment at bath and body works for the stuff! :)

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