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Add your piece of wisdom to the wiki entry on fowfers

Add your piece of wisdom to the wiki entry on fowfers


just added an entrance to the wiki explaining and commenting on fowfers.
Add your own info now :)

TP-Wiki on Fowfers


I really don’t get how to use the wiki. Seems very complicated to me.

I’m as confused as gprent.

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

IMO it’s pretty straightforward.

== foo == <- Heading with a level of 2
=== bar === <- Heading with a level of 3

# foo
# bar

shows up as

1. foo
2. bar

* foo
* bar

shows up as a list with a standard listsign in front of it (a blue box on the TP wiki).

; foo
; bar

shows up as a list with a standard listsign and text in bold letters on the TP wiki

: foo
: bar

shows up as a list with no listsign, but just indention.

You can mix these as in:

# foo
# bar
#* booze
#* gals
#* chitchat
# baz

showing up as something like these:

1. foo
2. bar
* booze
* gals
* chitchat
3. baz

Pretty straightforward IMO :)

Originally Posted by gprent
That’s exactly why I feel intimidated. :confused:


I feel you gprent ;) Ys, I think what we mean is that giving us a link to a page that will take 2 hours to read is… well… as gprent put it: “intimidating.”

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Well the previous content which was “Sitting on your dick” (and yeah that was the whole page ;) ) wasn’t exactly enough.

And we all know there is more than one way to do a fowfer.. At least two.. which I described just as in the TP - PE handbook.
If you feel intimidated by reading a 5 step routine.. Well.. Nobody can’t help you there :P


Perhaps the easiest way for people intimidated by the wiki would be to post their contribution in this thread and then someone more familiar with it could add the post to the wiki?

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I could do that Wiki-Adding whenever I find the time.
So people, talk! :P


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