A few Q's for dedicated velcro wrappers

I know I’ve asked a few questions before, and I know a few guys here have made significant flaccid gains from velcro wrapping, but I just wanted a few things clarified….

(1) How many hours per day do you usually wear the wrap?
(2) Do you wear it 7 days per week?
(3) How long did it take before you started to notice those flaccid gains?
(4) How tight do you wrap it (moderately, maximally, etc.)?
(5) Did your increased flaccid size seemed attributed, at all, to fluid buildup?
(6) Have any of you stopped wearing the wrap & kept your flaccid gains?

Even after 2.5 years of PE, I’m still far more a grower than a shower. Even though my earliest gains were in flaccid size, over time my flaccid:erect gains are basically 1:1. Right now, at my smallest shrivel, I’m 3.75 (nbp) x 5.2 (midshaft) - normally I’m around 4-4.2 nbp (and I’m 6-4 with a large frame, so it’s still depressing). I’d really like to even it out with a 5.2+ (nbp) x 5.2 flaccid - but I don’t want to wear one of those damn wraps for the rest of my life.

Who wants the paramedics to find one of those cinched around their cocks? Or, on a more practical level, what about surprise, spontaneous sex? What if a woman I’m with starts to undo my pants? Am I going to push her away? What if we’re in a car or some other inconvenient place that I can’t run into a bathroom & rip it off?

I’d be humiliated if a woman pulled down my undies and saw that. She’d be like, WTF? I think her first reaction would be that I’m “padding” my crotch. But the truth isn’t much better. And if I told her that it simply helps me to achieve harder erections, I’d still sound like a broken old fart.

That’s why I wondered if the gains seem mostly fluid buildup, from compromised circulation (somewhat akin to pumping). Because if that’s the case, then those gains are definitely not permanent.

However, I wonder if it’s possible that keeping the chambers in that expanded state slowly stretches them over time. I have no problem wearing a velcro wrap for 1-2 years, just not forever. And if I did build a 6 x 5.5 flaccid, only to lose it after stopping, I’d be even more depressed about it.

- Wad Cleaver