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Questions for Velcro Wrappers

Questions for Velcro Wrappers

I know that several guys on this forum have made significant flaccid gains from velcro wrapping. Most said it took a few months (of hours per day), but their gains were dramatic.

I’m just wondering:

1) Have any of you guys stopped wrapping?
2) If so, for how long?
3) How are those flaccid gains holding up?

Obviously, I’m interested in the question of permanence. I’m wondering if the flaccid “gains” aren’t just a fluffed up, engorged state - or whether they could be classified as actual “gains.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- w a d

I’ve been using the thera-p for about 2 weeks. It’s helped a lot with my flaccid state. But I don’t think it does much for erect (who knows, though?) Yeah, I feel more fluffed up in general most of the time.

I still wrap. Only because I’m afraid the flaccid gains will go away! I like it this way. :)



I really shouldn`t reply as I haven`t stopped using it yet. However, I have noticed my flaccid hang increasing by approximately an inch so far. The largest benefit I`ve had of the Thera-P so far, is that the increased flaccid size let`s me perform A-Stretches effortlessly. I would really recommend it to guys who needs fast flaccid gains. Permanent or not, it will give you the flaccid size you need to execute your exercises even better, not to mention if you`re hanging. If you combine the Thera-P with a solid girth routine I`m pretty convinced that you`ll eventually make the gains permanent.

Try it out Wadzilla! You won`t even notice wearing it even though others might, so what the heck!:-)



What’s the best way to wear it? I wrap it really tightly around the base.

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