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Velcro Wrap mishap


Velcro Wrap mishap

I decided to try an overnight wrap - while intoxicated. I think I wrapped too tightly, and then I fell asleep on the floor (on my stomach). Now I’m numb. My unit looks like a jellyfish, with no feeling at all.

This really sucks.

Ouch. I wonder if some heat would help.

Wow, that sucks bro. Try getting a boner yet? The onset of a shitload of oxygenated blood might help.

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Alcohol and PE don’t mix. I hope you’ll recover quickly. Perhaps a long bath/sauna/hot tub would help the healing process.

Heat and massage oughta do the trick Wad. It still may take a couple of days before all of the feeling comes back, but it should return in time. Sorry about your injury. Happy gaining dude!

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Damn not only is PE and alcohol a bad mix but PE and sleeping are a bad mix.

Keep us updated man.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I hope you are OK wad. I had a numbness problem a while back and it was just a slow healing process, but the dick is a resilient organ.

Thanks for all the concern. It seems like the feeling is back. The numbness gradually turned into a “fuzzy” feeling. But I’m not sure if I’m 100% back yet, so I’m going to lay off for a while (layoffs can only help anyway).

But I”ll never do that shit again.

damn…I’m sure you’ll never do that again

Phew! I’m glad to hear your dick is still attached and alive. Reading this hurt worse than a kick in the balls.

Damn you must have wrapped it pretty tight. I wrap overnight and if it’s even mildly constricting, the next morning is brutal.

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