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A change routine question

A change routine question

Hi!I’ve been PEing from 6-7months and I’ve gained some gains.
I started BPEL 6,30” and now I’m 7,50”.My current routine is:
Warm up dew minutes
10x1 inverted v streches
2-4x1 inverted v stretches a stretches
15-25 minutes jelq(depends on my mood)
And all this 2days on, 1off
Last 1-2 months I almost can’t seen any gains.
What do you think I shoul do?
Change my routine?Improve it?Hang?
I want to gain some lenght, because I’ve heart that first lenght and than girth.
At the begginig I could see gains every 2 weeks but now I can’t.What do you think I shold do?


Change is what you need, but change comes in many forms. When you change your routine, you subject your cock to different forces that it is not used to and that brings on new growth. It might be something as simple as changing to a BTC stretch and maybe switching from a regular jelq to something like my girth blasters technique.

Or, like you say, you may want to try hanging.

Or you could try the ever popular deconditioning break where you stop all PE for 2-4 weeks and allow your cock to fully rest. When you start up again, you have to be careful to approach the exercises like a newbie again, because if you start up with the same force you left off with, you will cause some damage.

The main thing is to do something your cock is not used to or conditioned for and it will then respond to the change.

Aha.thanks man, so your advice is to change my routine.ok

There is something else which bothers me - the masturbating.

I know that it is a stupid question and there’ve already written replyes but “Is masturbating affects gaings”?

Sometimes while jelqing in order to increase my erection level I masturbate for a few secs, but sometimes I cum. For me it is very very difficult to keep my erection level all the 20mins while I jelqing.It gets hard,flaccid.It’s like I can’t controll me:)


I don’t think masturbating while jelqing could affect your gains.

For your stretches, I think that as a newbie, you should focus on simple stretches (I mean in just one direction, no V or A) because they are going to target the ligs more than bended stretches. And since you’re new to PE, lig gains should be quite easy. Few years ago, before I even knew that PE existed, I tried to manually stretch my dick. I would do 5 min straight out, 5 min up and 5 min down. I gained a solid inch in about 2 months. I also did a lot of kegals.
In 2 months, I went from 6”nbpel and not being able to last more than 4 min to 7 nbpel and lasting as long as I want. Think about it….

Yeah I know that for the newbies it is easy to have some ligaments gains.The problem with me is that I have a

7 30 LOT so that’s why I’ve decided to make some inverted stretches.

About kegels - well I do them every time after my routine - 50 5sec stretches,some fast ones and that it.

So you think nomather my LOT is low I should try make some lig gains?

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