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6 Month Updatum

6 Month Updatum

I think that I said that I’m having a two week break from PEing. Well, I’ve had 7 days rest and have lost 0.3cm (0.15”) of my gains during that time, which actually means that I’m relegated from 7 inch club. This sucks and therefore I’m coming back into business earlier than I said :) I just also realized that I’ve been into PE-business exactly 6 months! This is why I post this thread about my routines with different thoughts about ‘em, even though there’s not so much of information for PE-veterans.

Jelquing: I think that I’ve improved a lotta in this PE-area lately (think my latest gains have come with this). I’ve been doing my jelquing this way for last month or so -> First I jelq for 4 minutes thumbs up alternating hand every stroke - 4 sec/stroke, then I rotate my hands 90 degrees. My thumbs are then putting more pressure on side chambers. Same time as thumbs up = 4 minutes, 4sec/stroke. Back to thumbs up jelquing, but only for 3 minutes and 3secs/stroke. Same with side pressure. Then 2 minutes, 2secs/stroke, and eventually 1 minutes, 1sec/stroke… This makes total of 20 minutes (4+4+3+3+2+2+1+1) jelquing. I’m going to jelq 4 to 6 days/week.

Stretching: Well… JAI stretches made the difference for me. I think I got about 0.4” because of them, but I think I’m not getting too much from them anymore, but I think I will be doing these stretches, as basic static stretches didn’t do anything for me in the beginning of my career. I might be wrong here too, because I might be a really slow gainer… Maybe I should try again static stretches, what do you think?

Squeezes: I’ve found all instructions pretty much hard to follow (Uli, Horse), and I’ve pretty much just played with my penis doing my own modifications. For example, I don’t slide OK-grip over the head when doing my “horse modifications”. I just keep head squeezed and pump (PC) more blood into my shaft closing with torniquet around the base. I’ve found this most effective for me. I’ve never really had any routine with squeezes, I just do ‘em when I feel like it…

What else could I say… Maybe I could start a PE-diary to keep me motivated and to see when/how my gains come. Is anyone of you keeping a diary/journal?

Thank you for this great forum!

Keep gaining!

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I find it interesting that you lost gains that quickly. I wonder if it is the result of AI stretching, as it is still a pretty new concept in PE. We will have to wait for others doing AI to take a break and see what happens with them, I guess :)

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I bet since the AI stretching focuses on ligaments, it would be wise if one wants to “cement” the gains to do so for a longer time. I am talking a year or two…even if ultimately it’s nothing more than 5-10 minutes in the shower every morning to maintain it.

It certainly is easier to do than other forms of stretching…I am still learning it (just started), but I think that this forum is onto something here for the manual exercise folks…


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You guys are right. You do lose flexibility as ligaments heal, draw back and get stronger (like normal flexibility as well, if you don’t keep stretching). I was just a dumb not doing particularly anything during my break, even if I knew that you should do something to keep the gains. :jelq:

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