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2 Sessions a Day?

2 Sessions a Day?

If stretching and jelqing for 20-30 minutes each day ain’t doing much, would it be wise to do it twice a day? Like an AM and a PM session?

So far, I’ve gained a half an inch on length (NON-Bone Pressed) over my nine months of PE, but my girth remains unchanged. I tried doing Horse Squeezes for two months straight at every session, but I didn’t gain a shred. I’m really stuck and I’ve got no idea what to do next. I’ve only used the power-jelq since the beginning and I “train” about 5-6 days a week for about a half hour, and stretch for about 20 minutes before that. At this stage in the game, gaining on girth is more important to me than length (which I feel just comes on it’s own during the whole enlargement process… the Power-Jelq is good for that… all that pulling!)

I know you gotta put in the years for real PE, and I’m down for that, but at this rate I feel like it’ll take for-fucking-ever. I’ve got a pump, but I’m always like, “Nah” when I think of using it. I was under the impression that girth was easier to gain than length, but the opposite is true for me.

Can anyone suggest some really good girth moves? Or point me in the right direction? I think by now, my dick can take it.

As far as my glans go, no problem there… at least that’s getting bigger, but my darn shaft just won’t thicken and it makes me feel pathetic.

Any feedback would be appreciated as always. Thanks.


Prickle, I will start a new thread with some stuff that helped me. Give me a bit.


Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


Becoming.... Godsize

I cant see how 2 sessions a day would hurt, just dont injure yourself. Over the last 2 months I’ve jelqed for 30 minutes per day (dry jelq) and have gained 0.7” girth. I dont know if thats normal but I’m now 5.9” girth and loving it.

DLD - i sent you a PM.

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

Popp- Did you take any rest days? How sore was it after your sessions? By the way great gains!

I am desperately looking for girth gains too! :D So far I haven’t gained any girth from jelquing. My 0,6” gain in length is similar to your gain Prickle! I will start doing the “DLD superset program” today and 30 days —>

Restarting everything.

Originally posted by mrCow
I am desperately looking for girth gains too! :D So far I haven't gained any girth from jelquing. My 0,6” gain in length is similar to your gain Prickle! I will start doing the “DLD superset program” today and 30 days —>

Good Luck

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

By the time I’ve done 3 supersets, my dick is burnt out. I like to end a workout when I feel the best… engorged and horny with the urge to ejaculate (usually about a half hour to forty five minutes at that point). If I continue working out after that point, my dick starts feeling raw. I’ll have to build up to 700 jelqs over time. Right now it would take me like two hours to complete that program fully.

Becoming.... Godsize

Prickle twice day may do the trick, im also thinking of a am-pm routine (not yet) but im worried about the scare tissue that may build up because your not letting the penis heal.Have you thought about a 1 on 1 off routine, maybe its more rest that you need.More is not allways better.Just a thought.

Hello Prickle,

GOOD POST, I just seem to follow you and a couple of other guys in here like Mrcow and awwshuks that are experiencing the same problems I’ve been having. Even though I’ve been involved in PE for about a year, I’ve only had about 3 months of a consistant routine. I kept having good long workouts but would burn out the little fellow. I had to shorten my jelqing, stretching, horses, DLD bends and pumping(all at night). So I just started doing a 20 minute stretch and 50 DLD blasters in the morning. It’s only a week and I’m hanging lower flaccid already. Anyway the little fella seems to be handling it fine. I think because I’m working different parts at different times. My shaft is thin and I’m trying to thicken it up with those DLD bends.


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