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Yet another Newbie

Yet another Newbie

Hello, new fella here. I have bought an extender, the kind with the tension rods, I have been using it since 7-23-2009. During that process a forum member of that site pointed me to this site. So on 8-3-2009 I started on the newbie program offered on this site.

I will keep using the extender in hopes that it can keep it straight and equal. I know from reading post jelqing can make it bigger closer to the head, hanging makes it bigger towards the base “I think I remember it that way”. Manual stretching can make it lean to one side since you can put more force on a lig then the other.

This is what I have gathered, I’m no expert as you can tell. So I will continue to use the extender on top of the Newbie routine.

Thanks for the site, forums, and post. Extremely helpful. I’m glad to be a member!

Starting Stats / Started on 7-23-2009
BPEL = 5.875”
EG = 4.375”

Week 2 Measurement update Starting 7-30-2009
BPEL = 5.875”
EG = 4.43” <—— .055 gain in girth total so far.

Week 3 Measurement update Starting 8-6-2009
BPEL = 6” <—- .125 gain in length total so far
EG = 4.5” <—- .125 gain in girth total so far

Next measurement update 8-20-2009.

I hope the gains keep coming, I measured several times over the course of two days to make sure my starting stats were accurate, but once I saw the number move you start to doubt yourself and wonder about EQ lol. I guess if they keep coming I will know.

I am actually surprised that you could see gains this quickly. I would be happy with 1/4 of an inch over the course of a year. I got the time, I am married, It’s not like multiple people will see it, but if I can change it why not?

I figured I’ll use the extender and newbie routine for 6 months to a year then maybe do some light hanging or clamping, very light.

Thanks again guys. You will be hearing more from me.


Welcome! Is it a extender with metal bars ? I have been using Jess extender for 1.5 years. The first 6 months almost every day for 3 hours. No gain. So I used it on and off for the last year and maybe gained 0.1cm :P

I have more believe in these manual exercises because of the posts I read here. Almost everyone has gained. And it’s not little either ;D

For the extender, I think you have to wear it maybe 8 hours a day to get results and that’s just pain.
I had to sit still all the time wearing it and whats that compared to jelqing for 1 hour every other day ?

But then again humans are different. Maybe you can gain allot from the extender and it is more comfortable for you

Welcome to the Forum Penox.

It will be OK to use the extender. But for the time being make it the secondary routine and use the Newbie as the primary routine. .

Consider the difference between holding a weight steady, to doing curls with a dumbell . Logic determines that the movement will tend to give gains above that of the stationary pull

So the same may well apply to using an extender. and doing the exercises - Jelqing etc.

Movement would tend to exercise your penis And should be the main choice for gains.

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

Thanks guys.

**Is it a extender with metal bars ?**

Yes, I wasn’t for sure if we were allowed to post product names or links so I didn’t mention it. It is the x4labs one. It has rods so you can set the tension.

I can’t wear it all day, most amount of hours I can squeeze in is around 4 and that is rare. I have to take it off and refresh blood flow about ever 20 to 30 minutes. I’m still experimenting with trying to leave it in longer. If I could go an hour or two at a time I could get in about 8 hours. Taking it off refreshing blood flow and putting it back on takes about 10 minutes. After I get a few hours in I just put it away and then do the newbie routine.

If you can only wear it for 20 - 30 minutes before needed a break I think you’re strapping yourself in too tightly. I was taking mine off every 20 minutes or so but then I reduced the tension a bit which meant it didn’t need to be so tight, now I can wear it for 2 hours at a time, try that out maybe :)

I tighten the strop around my head til I feel it hurts abit then stop. My head turns blue after 30minutes and I can wear it for 2 hour with blue head. Been doing this for a long time and no injury what so ever. But I think that 2 hour with blue/cold head is the limit, for me that is.

I have also tried for 3 to 4 hours with no problem. But it’s a long time with no blood to the head


Yes I slowly figured that out, I can go an hour now. I am still figuring out the most comfortable way, I would love to hit two hours at a time in this thing.

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