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YES! 7 weeks, and just hit 7"


YES! 7 weeks, and just hit 7"

PE rules! At first it sort of seems like a hassle, but you continue and hope for good results, and then it all pays off and it was worth every minute (or hour realisticly). I started 7 weeks ago, and for the first 5 weeks I only went from 6.4” to 6.5”, then 2 weeks after that I just hit 7” today woo-hoo! I think I have to hand it to wearing a wrist wrap all day, v-stretches, and 30 second jelq holds as these are new to my PE in the last 2 weeks.

To me it seems the first while is just a build-up time where you don’t gain much, but then it just starts happening!
To all the other newbies out there just keep it up, don’t get discouraged. Use visualization! Think about what it will look like, imagine it, and visualize it growing. Tell yourself that your growing a little each day no matter what you measure. I’m quite sure determination and being positive increase your gains, so try it out.

We are all so lucky to have discovered the wonders of PE!
Good luck guys!

Started April 2004:
6.4” BPEL x 5”
Now, May 23, 2004:
7” BPEL x 5.25”
8.5” to 9” x 6” to 6.5

Damn, that’s some fast gaining! Congrats Redwood! Keep at it! :up: :)

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Thanx! And I will for sure!

I’m a man on a mission! :D

Well, I started with 4.75” and collected some results in the first week. I’m documenting it in pictures, so when the system enable my posts I’ll show it.

[---- I was 4.75" BPEL // I am 6.1" BPEL // I´ll be 8" BPEL ----]

Sounds good, jhabbah.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Well I’m only on Cloud 7 right now, haha
But I definitely plan and hope to be on Cloud 9! :D

It’s just so weird how it wasn’t changing much in size at all, and then just WAM! It suddenly starts growing. I hope it continues at this rate, that’d be awesome! But I don’t like to measure more than once a week, so I’ll wait for the weekend and keep up the visualization.
I should probably also mention that I’m taking some suppliments…

Multi vitamin - makes sure your getting your daily vitamins and minerals for optimal health

2 Daily Whey Protien Drinks - I use this for body building, it has all the essential aminos and some other non-essential ones. It works quite well as I’ve been gaining 2lbs of muscle each week.

Calcium Carbonate, Magnessium and Zinc - I take this because when you up your protein, your body drains your calcium to coat the toxic by-products when you piss them out. Calcium Carbonate sticks around easier and can be absorbed better under these conditions.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) - this aids in letting your fat be broken down and used for building lean muscle.(studies show it to increase lean muscle and lower fat stores, and when you workout as I do, it works even better.)

Ginko - Improves blood circulation all over the body (vascudialation) (better blood flow to the genitals.)

Gotu Kola - Good for connective tissues, but also strengthens blood vessels(which I’m not sure is good, cause it might actually be tightening them. Anyways I’m almost out of this stuff and I think I’ll go off it for a while and see if gains increase by better stretching of the vessels.)

Salmon Oil (Omega 3) - Good for all your soft tissues, healing etc, and for your brain too.

Tribulus Terrestris - Increases your testosterone naturally.

Cayenne - Vascudialator also (I just started using this.)

Ginseng - Increases Testosterone; increases blood flow to genitals by up to 30% (just started using this too) (however I also read that it increases your bodies adaptability to all kinds of stresses, so I hope this doesn’t cause conditioning of the penis to PE. But perhaps it will just heal and make better gains. I know it has been used by athletes and gym people for a while to give them less down time, and aids in their training.)

Nox2 - Vascudialator also (haven’t got this yet, but it’s in the mail)

If anyone else knows much about suppliments or recommends any for PE or body building I’d appreciate if you let me know.

Redwood good gains, did you do the newbie routine for the first 4 weeks. Also what is a 30 second jelq hold is that when jelq and then stretch at the end?

Hope i can get gains like that.


Have you checked your LOT? Sound like the stretching is working very well for you. Which direction(s) are you jelq holding?

IW8 4/2003 5.5 BPEL 4.5 EG 218 lbs 4/2004 6.875 BPEL 5.0 EG 198 lbs

Next stop 7.0 BPEL !

Great gains Redwood!!!!! It’s amazing what a little persistence can do. Keep at it and you’ll achieve your goal in no time.

And yet another slap in the face of the doctors that say PE doesn’t work!!!!!

My Current Stats: NBPEL : 7.5" BPEL: 8.0" EG : 6.0" GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Maintaining......

Well I didn’t find Thunder’s until after I had already begun a routine that I found on the internet, it was this(although I’ve really inovated on the routine so I consider it more my own personal routine):

-3-5min warmup with either a hot cloth, bowl or cup of warm water.

-Stretching: A straight stretch in all the cardinal directions and straight out (up,down,left,right and straight.) holding this stretch for 1 minute in each direction. I did 5 sets of those which usually ends up taking me an hour because I also try to avoid letting my penis lose heat, so usually on the 3rd and 5th set I get my self erect and then let it go flaccid again to heat it back up. (I still use this same streching routine, except I make all the stretches V-Stretches. I’ve also thrown in a couple twisting my penis 360 and then
V-stretch which I usually do during set 4.)

-Mid warmup same as first

-Jelqing: starting out sitting on my knees and doing downwards jelqs, I do 25 palms down jelqs, then 25 palms up jelqs. I’m now at 50, and sit indian style and do 50 palms up upwards jelqs. I’ve now reached 100, and repeat same as before for a total of 500 jelqs. (When I first started, I did 200 each PE session 1st week, then 300 the next, 400 after that and finally stayed at 500.)(I have now added what I called the 30second jelqs each time I reach 100, I hold penis at the base and kegel in as much blood as possible as though to jelq, but I just hold it for 30-40 seconds. I’ve also just started to try out Uli’s but I’m not sure I uderstand them just yet though, what I do is jelq to just before the head and then sqeeze like 10 small but strong squeezes then let go and start again 5 times at each 100 jelqs.)

-Warm down, same as warm ups.

All in all this routine takes me about 2 hours, which is a whole lot of time to spend doing this, but I like to play some Zen music and relax while I do PE so its sort of a meditation for me.

If anyone can explain the Uli in very detailed format “for dummies” as they say, I’d really appreciate it.

My Lot when I started was 8:00 or so, and now it seems to be around 7:30. I’ve really been isolating my ligs I think. The V-stretches are the best thing ever, before when I was just doing regular stretches I didn’t really feel much from it, but now I can always feel it afterwords and I think it’s the ligs where the sensassion is, with a little bit through the base.

whoa! mucho props to you man. I wanna be in the 7’s too. I have been doing it for about a month + vigrx and i can say, my brother down there looks little bit bigger now…

congtrat on the growth man. I have just started to PE I am only doing Jelqs as I dont know how to do anything else. could I just ask, do you or any one else find it hard to get a erection after you have done a hard workout?

Could you also explain what the stretching exercises are that you have mentioned.

Want_Bigger, good work! Keep it up and the results will come, don’t expect alot early on, I had very little gains for the first 5 weeks, only .1”, it’s only now that the gains are coming. I also recomend using a wrist wrap around your penis during the day, it keeps it extended and I beleive it aids in better gains as it heals, it will also help increase your flaccid hang. Do a search for “TheraP Magnetic Wrist Wrap”, that’s how I learn about it, I couldn’t find that specific one, but I found an Equate one without magnets that I find works awesome. My flaccid hang seems to be getting better, I used to hate when I go tanning and I see it shrivel on me when I change, now I’ve noticed it improving. (which is good, cause I think the girl who works at the tanning place snuck a peak on me when I was in the tanning booth, I always lock the door, but this time when I was leaving the room the door was already unlocked…hmmm…. but who knows, maybe I just didn’t lock it….)

What is vigrx?

Madviking2069, I find stretching to be very important for length gains, in fact I now feel more from stretching than I do from the jelqing. Just grab the penis about a half inch to an inch before the head and pull in all the directions (up,down,left,right, and straight out.) Try it regularly like this at first, if you want to then intesify it you can make them V-Stretches, where you pull as usual with one hand, but with the other hand you put pressure at the mid point or near the base where the ligs are. You can really feel a stretch at the base of your penis when you do this, and stretching the ligs is the fastest way to get gains, then once you’ve stretched them as much as they’ll go, you have to work the tunica if you want more gains.(which is what jelqing does.) So if you stretch and jelq together I think they work in great harmony.

You might want to check out the article on V-Stretching from the main page, it describes it alot better than I have here. Read as much as you can, there is so much information on this site, I definately have to thank the great people who made it a reality.

Depending on how rigorous your PEing, it can effect your erections. You may want to cut down on how many jelqs you do until your penis gets more use to it. I don’t personally find it to hurt erections, in fact it will over time help them! It’s important to learn and be intune with your body, if your overdoing it your body will be telling you. I also aim to be sore after PE, but never in pain. To me it’s like the feeling when your so erect that it hurts, but it’s bearable and you even start to like the feeling when you know what it means for you. My advice even though I’m still a newbie myself (2 monthes now), would be to just give it time, don’t push yourself too hard, in time your erections get alot stronger. When I began, I had to work on getting it erect again like every 20-25 jelqs, now it’s every 50 or even more that I need to get it harder again. But I don’t find it all that difficult, it usually snaps to attention in a few seconds/strokes. I have a good imagination to aid me, but you might want to use some porn or something to help you out in the beginning.

Wow! Those are some quick gains. My gains were fairly fast too, but not that fast. Good luck with your goals. By the way, what are your flaccid gains. This was the area I really wanted to improve on the most and still want more. I am just about 7 1/2 BPEL but only about 4-4 1/2 flaccid (normal state not cold flaccid which can get down to 3”). It took me 10 months to gain what I have now (I started at 5 3/4 BPEL in July 04).


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