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YES! 7 weeks, and just hit 7"


i’m going to start v-stretches this week. hopefully ill see some gains.

whats your routine?

Redwood, what would you say was the major contributing factor to your gains? The V-Stretches, the ADS wrist wrap, or a combo of both? Also, how would you describe the pulling sensation of the V-Stretches? Like a dull stretch, or as if the ligs were being yanked out of you? I’ve been doing V-Stretches but I’m not sure if I’m putting enough pressure on the ligs. Did you feel soreness after your routine in the ligs?

Good luck with the V-Stretches, I’m sure you will be glad you started doing them.
I’ve posted my routine earlier in this thread, so if you are interested in checking it out just skim through this thread and you’ll find it. It’s still basically the same, but maybe I’ll double check to see if it’s fully up to date with what I do now.

When I do V-Stretches it do them to the point of just bareable pain, and after my PE session if I poke the ligs with my finger they feel sore.
I attibute both the V-Stretches and the Wrist Wrap to my length gains. In the past I only had minimal girth gains, in the beginning my jelqing used to make my penis sore and I made my 1/4” gain, then it just didn’t seem to give me the dull ache it used to. Now I’ve changed up part of my routine; when I do my upwards jelqs now I squeeze tight enough pull the skin with it like a dry style jelq, and I find them to be alot more effective. I think I’m on my way to some more girth gains now because my post PE Girth is like another 1/4” bigger than it use to be after my PE sessions.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

And I was right! YeeeeHaaa! On my way to the 5-1/2” Girth :D

I measured in on my day off PE today and was 5-6/16”!

I realized that it’s good not to be a “Measure everyday guy”, I had become addicted to measuring after I was making steady gains. But it’s best to measure no more than once a week or so. If you measure everyday I find you become TOO obsessed, and even annoyed when you see no changes. The less often you measure and just stay possitive the better. And if you are making quick gains, it’ll be that much more exciting when you see how much you gained.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Originally Posted by base
Damn, that’s some fast gaining! Congrats Redwood! Keep at it! :up: :)

I agree.

Originally Posted by Redwood1981
To all the other newbies out there just keep it up, don’t get discouraged. Use visualization! Think about what it will look like, imagine it, and visualize it growing. Tell yourself that your growing a little each day no matter what you measure. I’m quite sure determination and being positive increase your gains, so try it out.

You’re an inspiration to me so far. I like to sometimes further my visualization (yes I do it too) and take out a ruler and look at my goal length on the ruler and place it against my pants and I think to myself, my god that would be massive.

I am visualizing!

I’ve just finished my 3rd PE session so far since I started. I agree with you on measuring once a week, it gives you something to look forward too and to keep working at it. I really hope I am a fast gainer.

I just realized this thread hasn’t been updated in over a year. Silly me.

Welldone Redwood…keep going dude. :)

Does anyone know if Red is still in Korea?

That’s where he was headed last I heard.

LOL, that thread he posted regarding “smuggling” his Bib hanger into Korea was damn funny!


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