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YES! 7 weeks, and just hit 7"

I said I started in July 04 but obviously I meant 03.


thanks for the tip yo. I’ll try that. Vigrx is this :

it seems to help me keep my erection much longer and harder..even after i ejaculate. It also makes you hornier, which i think is good. Not sure if it’s the pills or the exercises, but my girth seems a little bit bigger.

I’m not sure what my flaccid length is exactly, I haven’t really messured it, cause it changes so much that it’s tough to say. I would say between 4-5” average, and around 3 if it’s cold or after working out when the blood is all in my muscles. But because I always wear a wrist wrap around it during the day it stays at around 5-6” and stays like that after I take it off at night, and my flaccid hang in bed and in the morning I feel are pretty good, around the 5” mark.

I hear taking NOX2 is great for the flaccid hang, and of course great erections. I’ll find out when mine gets here, cause I ordered it last week.

No problem, I hope that helped you out. Good luck Dude.

Great post, Redwood. And congratulations on your success. You have what it takes to continue to make gains. Good luck. You’re approaching PE the way I did last fall. With this routine, I’m sure you’ll continue to grow. I like the part about visualization. This was, and is, very important to me. I’m convinced it has made a difference.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



Have you made any gains since your first post? I just read your post for the first time but these are just amazing gains.

Hey Redwood did you gain any NBPEL or only BPEL for now?

What’s the difference?

Starting Size (16.5.2004) ~5,6'' (14.5 cm) BPEL, ~ 5'' EG (12-13 cm)

Well I’m just over the 7” mark now with 7-1/8, I pretty much stayed at 7 on the nose all last week,
then yesterday I gained 1/16 of an inch, and today another 1/16 of an inch for the new 1/8 gain
sinse I hit 7”. It’s crazy how it just jumps like that! Girth is still 5-1/4”.

The BPEL vs NBPEL is an interesting thing, it seems that you first gain BPEL and then the NBPEL
catches up. When I hit 7” BPEL last week, I found that NBPEL was still 6-1/4, and when I checked this
weekend it was 6-1/2! I’m not sure what its at now because I usually only check BPEL, it makes me
feel bigger :P Maybe when I’m 7” NBPEL I’ll check the NBPEL more often.

Well I got my NOX2 today, I bought a 30 day supply to see what it does and if I want to buy more. I’ll
report back on the effects, both for PE and for body building.

I also have been thinking of how LOT and Lig gains relate, keep in mind this is only a theory based on
pure observation on my part, but do you guys think that for each hour of LOT is an inch you can gain
from Ligs? I say this because when I gained a 1/2” my LOT changed from 8:00 to 7:30. If that was the case,
I can gain 1-1/2 more inches from stretching my ligs which would bring me down to a 6:00 LOT.(For 8-1/2” BPEL)

My first primary goal is to make it to 7-1/2”BPEL, 7”NBPEL. Then I’ll be feelin pretty damn good.
(not that I don’t already from the gains, but I want to be on the highest end of average. And then I’ll go for BIG)

My Ultimate goal is NBPEL of 9” x Girth of 6-1/2”.

HorseHung, thanks for the words of support, I am a firm believer in the power of visualization, because everything must be dreamed before it comes into existance.


Oh, and if you were wanting know the difference between BPEL(Bone Pressed Erect Length) and NBPEL(Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length)… well that’s it. Or were you just wanting to understand the difference between gaining in either? In which case I just answered that in my last post.

I think they pretty much correlate because the difference is determined by the amount of skin, maybe fat and… “stuff” between your pubic bone and the outside. At the top of your base, where you measure. Or is there something else which makes it up, I can’t think of anything.

Starting Size (16.5.2004) ~5,6'' (14.5 cm) BPEL, ~ 5'' EG (12-13 cm)

Well I think you first make a gain, and need to bone-press the skin back to see it, then the skin stretches and your NBPEL goes up. I find it usually is within 1/2” of your BPEL.(which seems to be the case with most guys on these boards.)

I added yet another 1/16” today, so make that 7-3/16”, it seems to be each PE day this week I’ve been gaining that much.(My routine is 2 days on, 1 day off) So if all goes as it has been, I’ve set my weekend goal for 7-1/4. I’m going to take tomorrow off because I’m heading out of town, but I’ll get back to it Sunday, and see if I can make my goal and jump for joy!

I’d like to bring up a new twist on the V-stretch I’ve been doing that I find really gets the ligs good! Take the knife of your hand like a karate chop, and put it down where your penis meets your body(where the ligs are), you push down your karate chop hand as you pull straight or upwards on your penis with the other hand. You can even hook the thumb of your stretching hand over the top of your karate chop hand for a good comfortable hold as you stretch. You will REALLY feel your ligs pulling, and it can be intense!

PS: Calgary is going to win THE CUP tomorrow!!

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Well if the gains came and gone I would agree, but the gains I mentioned have stayed. Although I didn’t make the extra 1/16” today as predicted. No big deal, I didn’t have my hopes up. But I have stayed at 7-3/16” even after my rest day yesterday. I look at it as my penis is alway getting bigger, it may fluctuate, but it is gaining constantly. I don’t let myself get discouraged, the gains I’ve made as fast as they have been coming have been a blessing and I’m appreciative of it, how could I complain?

About the karate chop stretch I mentioned, I have to correct one thing, hooking the thumb is incorrect, I found I put the bottom edge if the stretching hand over the top of the karate chop hand for a secure comfortable yet powerful stretch.

I also realized why so many guys here state their BASE girth, I didn’t actually realize it’s thicker down their cause I’m so used to looking down at it and the midshaft is thicker on the sides but the base is thicker overall.

So here’s my current stats:

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


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