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Would liquid soap be a good lubricant

Suggestion for good lubricant

Hi all,

It seems wet jelq feels better than dry one,
Yet I needa get lubricant everytime.dun really like those ky jelly stuffz
Wondering liquid soap would do the job?
Soap’s alkaline tho, duno if it’s bad for the skin?

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Using soap as a lube can severly dry your skin. There are a lot of better options out there.

Here’s one.

Another cheap and easy solution is to just go to your local drugstore and buy some inexpensive body lotion. It’ll work a lot better than soap.

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Sorry liquid soap any soap is not good do a little homework or look a little closer at routines or what not youll find alot of good info on lubes, use what works for you just DON’t USE SOAP.

Thx doubles

Those oils seem way better :)

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Absolutly do not use soap. Get a good lotion that doesnt irritate the skin. Any baby type lotion works real well. And of course the old stand by vaseline, it’s messy but it sure does feel good on you’re skin.

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Tearless shampoo won’t irritate the urethra like regular soaps and shampoos (not any more than it would a baby’s eyelids). So it’s handy if you want a lube ready to use in the shower; no one will wonder why it’s there. But it will dry the skin out after prolonged use, and you’ll end up using a lotion to restore moisture to the skin.

I use soap.

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I use a moisturizing oatmeal based body wash by the brand name of Aveeno, after about 4 years of jelging I have never had a problem with it. The only side effect that I’ve noticed is that my genitals has the healthiest skin on my body.

Vegetable Oil, I feel is very good. Just make sure it isn’t too smelly . Good luck.


Dude, I was very anti soap until I discovered Oil of olay. It comes in a bottle (not the bar) and has a yellow top. There are all different types and formulas with diff color lids, but that one is perfect.. I tried the purple blue and yellow and green lids. If you are doing shower workouts it’s perfect. For dry workouts, I agree that lotion is best for sure..


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