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A new exercise, maybe it works good, help me and try it!


A new exercise, maybe it works good, help me and try it!

Hi guys,

I was trying some things when I was trying to master the orange bends move. Then I did a exercise which is not dangerous and I get a very big expand of it when I am doing this. And the amazing about this is that I get the expansion full erect. Maybe this exercise is not new, but correct me then. This is a very easy to do move. This is what I do:

1. Make your penis erect between 70 till a 100%
2. Use your left hand to do this grip: Put you pointing(ring) finger under your penis at the bottom of the shaft were your balls are, put your thumb above your penis were your shaft begins. So you use your left hand just to keep your penis in place. but Don’t make a real grip with your fingers, just keep them tight against your shaft. But don’t make a grip because you need to let the blood go in and out.

See the lines of the figure as your hand, The upper line is your pointing finger, the line under is your thumb, the 0 is your penis, put your penis between this fingers, but do not closer your fingers around your penis.

3. use your right hand to move the penis up and down, if you begin with a 100% erect penis, you will not able to move it so much but as your erection gets lesser you can move it over more distance, still I try to only move it like 2-3 inch up and down. You should do the movements fast so that you get a good pump in your penis, then keep doing this till your reach the erection point when it does not work very good anymore, I think this is around 60% erect. Quit it then, and feel your penis or measure it, you will feel a big expansion at the sides of your penis. Then get a 100% erect penis and do it again, etc..

I hope you guys understand my explanation, if you don’t understand it, try it first and then comeback. And then probably when you read it again, you will understand it.

Sorry for my bad English but I do my best!

Good luck and let me know what you think about it,


I hope you guys try it, when I do it my girth increases very much, I just do not know yet if you can get real gians with this excercise, because I have only done this for 1 session.


I would try it, but I’m not sure what you mean by “move your penis up and down”. Could you try to explain this part a little more? Thanks. :)

I think what he means is hold it with one hand, then use your other hand to bend it, presumably around the finger thats holding it, so that it would be straight, up to where your fingers are, then it bends up/down, with you finger as support. Hope that’s right/helps.

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No you should not bend it, you should just move it up and down. It is a bit hard for me to describe as I am Dutch. You just press it down and up.

Give it some try, and you will find it I think. But if not I try to find a good explanation.

Ow, and I made gains! 0,2 inch in girth in 10 days. I was very suprised to measure it. I wonder if my girlfriend will notice it. I will see her tommorow. But I think I got this gains from the Orange bends, because I only have done this new excercise for 2 times.


Originally Posted by Uncas
. It is a bit hard for me to describe as I am Dutch. You just press it down and up.

O no! The F’n Dutch are coming! The F’n Dutch are coming!
Just kidding - (reference to the other thread about the dutch.)

I’m curious to know more also.

Yeah, I lost you too on the up and down part.

So, Uncas, is this a one-handed technique? Are you doing anything with the hand that is not holding the base?

One thing that comes to mind is a caution: There was recently a post by a member who was essentially doing the same thing - applying reverse longitudinal stress to his erection - and he suffered what may have been an internal injury that revealed itself through blood in his semen.
Another injury of note was one suffered by a guy when he tried hanging while erect.

I recommend you go very, very easy when stressing your erection length-wise - if you do it at all.

Thanks for warning

Originally Posted by illpo
Thanks for warning <———-Monotone?

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Be very careful working with a full erection. I would advise against it. Notice he didn’t say he gained from doing this . He just said it made it bigger while doing it. I personally would not do this. You can’t get good expansion with a full erection.

The only thing I do with a full erection. Is after my routine, (which is done with a plumped erection) I’ll get a full erection, squeeze at the base and kegel.

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the late reaction, I could not use the computer for some time.

I do not think it is dangerous, I think you guys picture this excercise wrong. You are not keeping or forcing the blood in with your hands, you do not squeeze or anything like that just with kegels. Place your fingers of your left hand in the right position, use your right hand to move your penis up and down. You hold the head of your penis with the right hand.
It is true that with full erect you do not get allot of expansion, but you begin with full erect and end up with like 60% erect. You get allot of expansion, if you really get gains from it I do not know. Because you will have to do it for week or months. And I already got a other schedule that is working for me. And I want to keep it up.

I try to make it clear, you do NOT bend you penis. Just put you fingers in the right position and move your penis up and down with your right hand. This is a TWO handed excercise

Picture this: Put your hand flat on a table, place a pen between your thum and your ring/pointing finger. Now you just move the pen down and up.

That is what I do, but I also use Kegels with it to get more blood in, for a bigger expansion.

I hope this makes it clear.


If having a full erection increased size. We would all have huge dicks from masturbating.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I heard someone say it before, your right, but I only start it in 100%, it doesnt work at its at that erection level, but when you do the excercise like a minut your erection level will be allot lower, like 60%.

But like I said, I don’t know if you get any gains of it. I just try to help, and if someones try’s it for some time, he maybe will get gains from it.



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