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I think I can't PE, it is not good.


I think I can't PE, it is not good.

Guys I don`t think I can PE. I started PE over a month ago and everything went good untill the end of month. My penis is just not gaining and I would even say that it is being curved more then it was before. I have a curved penis to the left since as long as i can remeber, but I don`t think It was ever curved when flacid, now after a month of PE my penis is also curved to the left while flacid. I believe it happend to me a year ago when I tried PE also. and same thing happend after a month. It is like my right side of my penis works out good and the left one is not working out , cousing curve when flacid because the right side is puffier. Did anybody experienced that? I know that a year ago when i stoped after few months my penis was the same as before PE which is not curved when flacid. I think I can`t do PE . WHICH SUCKS because I want to gain more girth. I`m 6.5x5 and I wanted to be 7x6 in like 2005 but i see it won`t happen because PE is not good for my penis. ANYBODY experienced same thing?

Hey Kowal, how long did you hot wrap for before and after pe’ing? I noticed my penis curving a bit when I wasn’t hot wrapping for a good 5 minutes. I suggest you use a good hot wrap then spend a good couple of weeks jelqing in the opposite direction to the curve, using slightly more pressure when you get to the main curved area.

Try it, it worked for me :D

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)

I have curvature to the left. Im positive that this is the result of masterbation. Do you use your left hand to masterbate? I have seen an increase in curvature from my gains (about 1” in length, .4” in girth) but I dont really care cause when I reach my goals, I’ll start working on straightening it. I also think that if and when curvature does increase, it will only increase to a certain point and then stop because I saw the increases in curvature in the beginning, and it seems to have stopped increasing so I would just keep going as long as it doesn’t continue to increase the curvature. Anyways… don’t give up, try different techniques and/or routines. Try something completely different than what you have been doing. If you really, really have to, avoid jelqing and do length-only stretches and then start implementing jelq routines. good luck…

Well. I don’t care that much about my lenght because at my lenght of 6.5 i am already hurting my GF. The problem is that i don’t think my girth is good enough. I want to be 6 inches in girth i`m 5 now. When I started PE over a month ago I started wrapping my penis in hot towel before and after PE. And everything seemed to be ok, then one day I read something about COLD wraps and I tried it after PE. Next day when I woke up my flacid penis was CURVED which has never happend to me. My erect curvature seems to increase also to about 45 degrees now It used to be about 30 degrees to left side. I can;t stand my penis being curved. I was already hating the 30 degrees curve and now?!!! 45? It sucks. I dont’ believe I damaged my penis or something I just thing maybe that cold wrap caused something? I will try to make hot wraps before sleeping everyday for about 2 weeks and see if that helps (no PE). I am scared of PE because If it will curve my penis even more I don`t know If i`ll be able to look at it. I hate my curve. I wouldn`t mind 10-20 degrees curve but this is to much. It kind of curves like a banana when it is erect but when it is flacid you can see that it start curving in half of the shaft. I don`t know what to do. I`m trying to masage it and I also tried to do some light jelqing for about 2 weeks putting pressure on the left side more so maybe it would straighten up. BUT the only difference i see now is that the left side is more swolen looking the the right from the jelqs. NO difference in curve. Also trying some light Penis bends (not actual bends but I rather straighten an erect penis. Still no differece. I am scared of pyronese or whatever you call it so I don`t want to get any of that . The only thing that keeps me hoping is that I always had a curve. DAMN I wrote a lot. Thanks guys for help.


Listen to me….

PE Gains don’t come over night. Are you one of those guys that thought “Hey I do PE for about a month and come back with a monster dick”?

Well, I got news for you, Brother. Gains don’t show up in the first 4 weeks. On average, they show up after about 3 months, so stay with it.

Don’t give up. If you have questions, post them.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Uncut, the problems is not with gains( because I do think the same way you do ) but with my curvature. It seems to go worse when I PE. I am scared that it will go even worse, and some day i`ll wake up with a baddly curved penis. When this will happen I`ll go in to some serious depression.

I fix My Lefty with tieing it down to my right leg after pe Or a small Coupler from the home depo and hang it for 2hr a day in about 190 days of this it will fix most of the way .

Wow this shit works!

fattire can you give me a little more explanation how you do it? You were curved to the left and you were tieing it to left? why would you tie it up to the same side it is curved ?

I hang to the right and tieing to the right Or opposite of the curve

Wow this shit works!

I also have more of a curve to the left now,flaccid a well as erect.

I think this started when I experienced pain when jelking with my left hand, so I started to jelk only with my right hand for maybe a month of time.

I am thinking that maybe in the long term of PE those two chambers will somehow equalize and my penis become straight but first month of PE coused more curvature. Anybody knows why? I am thinking my left chamber is weaker so it does not react as good to the PE as right one. and that is why there is more curvature because the right chamber gets even more blood inside and makes bigger curve.? How do I make my left chamber better? any ideas? will manual streches help?

Good question Kowal, I would also like to know this, I have the same problem, I didn’t have a left curve before i started PE’ing, I thought it was because of the new grip I use when I masturbate (more comfortable). So for the last 1/2 year I have used my left hand, finally got it good ;)

But anyway, enough about that - I would like to know how to increase the intake of blood to the left side, maybe this is causing the curve like Kowal said.

Keep on gaining!!

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)

kowal and girth,

Try Behind the Balls (BTB) jelqing. You may have circulation issues.


Originally Posted by Uncut4Big
PE Gains don’t come over night. Are you one of those guys that thought “Hey I do PE for about a month and come back with a monster dick”?

Well, I got news for you, Brother. Gains don’t show up in the first 4 weeks. On average, they show up after about 3 months, so stay with it.

I feel very, very fortunate in that since starting PE I have seen some very successful results in a fairly short period of time. I am not going to post numbers because I have seen others do that and everybody freaks out and accuses them of lying. For my first month of PE all I did was stretch, and I pulled HARD 5 on and 2 off. I saw major results at first, and now in my second month the gains are much slower but they are coming (pun intended). I have added jelqs and squeezes to start working on girth.

In less than 2 months my wife noticed a difference!

Don’t give up if you are a hard gainer, look at your routine and adjust it, keep at it!!!

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

You need to PE with both hands evenly. Each or your fingers have different pressures and changing hands helps distribute this better.

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