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Another newbie with questions

Another newbie with questions

Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know how informative I’m finding this site—it seems there’s so much contradictory information out there that it’s good to find a forum where honest discussion goes on…

I did have a question, though. I was wondering if any of you have any opinions on this site: http://www.linplaza.con

In particular, I’m curious about that site’s opinions concerning penis “ballooning” as opposed to jelquing. (See also: http://www.herbolove.con/library/re…/ballooning.asp).

I’d like some honest and experienced feedback from anyone who’s willing…thanks.


Welcome to the board. There are two quick threads I’d like to share with you about this.

1) A recent thread about ballooning
2) A thread I found in the review forum

In the top right corner of every page there’s a control panel of sorts with six buttons. One of those is the search button. Don’t be afraid to use it. :-,


“A fool and his money are soon parted”

(not to imply that you are a fool by any means-proceed with caution there….)

There may be some merit in some of the things there, just be sure not to get caught up in a lot of the BS.

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


I should have named this thread: “Questioning the Lin technique”, or something like that—I think it would have benefitted a lot of people with my same questions…


I must say that the two posts you gave to me were extremely informative—especially the first one which has a poster there (Werner Ashford) who is providing a lot of useful information.


It’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction in the world of penile enlargement—so many companies seem intent on making a buck by selling you snake oils. The point of my question was to find out as much information as possible about how effective “ballooning” techniques were compared to “jelqing”.

It’s difficult, after all, keeping up with all the theories and techniques—since I’ve come to this forum, I’ve read about LOT theories and stretching theories—it’s overwhelming all the information.

But what I’m beginning to understand is that it’s the exercises that are important—that a blend of “ballooning” and “jelquing” seem to be the way to go. Pills and pumps should be avoided.

I’m still perplexed, however, at the contradictions—Dr. Lin says jelquing is damaging, but from all the honest accounts I’ve read here, he seems to be wrong. That would lead one to believe that he’s a quack. However, from the success Werner Ashford expresses (Patience…) using “ballooning”, it seems that, perhaps, Dr. Lin is right on one thing—the exercise.

But, of course, I’ve only heard accounts from Werner on “ballooning” at this site—perhaps it would be good to hear others who have had success with Dr. Lin’s methods.

Dr. Lin, who is not a physician, but a civil engineer with a PhD, is interested in selling pills and potions. Why would he champion manual PE methods, which do work, when he can poo-poo them and sell his junk instead?

While some here have learned some things from him and seem to have success, be aware that his explanations for why things work, or don’t, should be read with the understanding that his knowledge of medicine and human physiology is limited and flawed.


Thanks for your thoughtful response, Westla…

I, too, am highly skeptical when anyone tries to sell me anything. Believe me, I was highly suspicious at how Dr. Lin was constantly trying to sell his potions…

However, I was trying to ascertain the effectiveness of “ballooning”—Werner Ashford at this other thread: Patience… endorses the effectiveness of ballooning; however, I’d still like to hear from others if “ballooning” is a viable exercise to incorporate into one’s PE training regimen.

Warner’s thread is about multiple male orgasm. I’m sure what he’s doing is working for him and could probably work for others to achieve an MMO goal. I doubt it makes his dick bigger. I have not commented in that thread because Warner, or via him, Dr. Lin, has not told anyone to do anything dangerous. However, I’d be cautious about believing that MMO techniques have the ability to make the penis grow.

Dr. Lin, and some members here, believe that ejaculating changes hormone levels, depletes “essential” elements, and changes the chemical makeup of the penis, apparently in a bad way. The way to “fix” this problem is with herbs and potions. Warner has developed his own mix and moved away from paying Dr. Lin, but he’s still relying on Dr. Lin’s explanations for what goes on in the penis/testicles during orgasm. And from what I’ve seen on his many sites, Dr. Lin may know a lot about building a bridge across a swamp, may have even won awards for doing so, but he knows beans about human physiology.

Hey, julyzero welcome!

Originally Posted by julyzero
perhaps it would be good to hear others who have had success with Dr. Lin’s methods.

It would be, if you could find them.

Originally Posted by julyzero
…a blend of “ballooning” and “jelquing” seem to be the way to go.

I would suggest you do a lot more reading if that is what yopu have found so far.

Do your own resurch on tantra, start here at Thunders, then branch out into the web in general. I have some small knowledge on the subject, and feel that most but not all of Lin’s stuff is pure snake oil salesman ship. I can’t say that balooning will give zero results to everyone that does it. I can say the following:

After just shy of 30 years as a Tantrika my penis gained zero length; it is possible that some of my girth was due to “balloning.” I never measured girth when I was younger. After 2 years of Peing with Thunder and the guys I have gained one inch in length.

It is possible that the reason I don’t have the 10” penis that Lin attributes to balloning and his products is due to exceptionally tight ligs and not taking his pills but I strongly doubt it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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