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Can PE damage your penis?

Can PE damage your penis?

Guys I came across some website called http://www.actionlove.con

It is some asian doctors website or something. There is a lot of post from people who damaged their penis doing PE. They have weaker erections and sometimes can`t even get them anymore. Anything like that happend to you? If it is really that dangerous i rather stop it and enjoy what i have rather then no longer have an erection and then I SEE my GF dumping my ass, because we would no longer be able to have sex. That would SUCK. I only do JELQS, can they damage my penis also? what is the safest way ? If anyone of you damaged your penis doing jelqs how did that happen? Thanks!


Don’t beleive everything you read! PE has been proven to be effective and safe.

However, if you take unnecessary risks and don’t listen to the advice you read and get here, yeah there is the possiblity of injury. My advice is read, read, read, there is a wealth of information contained in this forum. Use it.

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Yes it can definitely damage your penis, especially if you are overzealous about it and don’t take proper rest days. It happened to me. Send me a PM if you need more information.

It’s great to have a female perspective, but I really don’t understand how a person without a penis can give PE advice. No offense.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Having boyfriends and children who PE probably helps.

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Hey kowal,

I definitely think you could do damage if you are careless. 5 days ago I had dark purple spots including a massive one about half inch in diameter ! That was after only about 10 mins of jelqing, but with a vice like grip. It didn’t hurt at any stage, but surely if I did that often and/or didnt let it totally heal before having another go that damage would result. I certainly won’t use a tight grip like that again. Anyway, I think if you just get tiny red spots and check every 5 or so mins for any purple colour, you would be fine. Also, my erections have been way stronger since I started jelqs.


I understand your concern, after all we`ve only got one penis:-) However if you start out CAREFUL and build up intensity over time and use common sense, I think PE is safe as far as I believe. Heck, living is dangerous isn`t it? Weight training can be dangerous, sports are dangerous and so on. If you start your first hanging session with 50 lbs I bet you should be worried but you wouldn`t do that would you? Lack of knowledge and common sense are dangerous. Yeah, I think jelqing is safe.

Good luck!

I will unabashadly quote myself:

A man with any degree of common sense will not hurt himself with his own hands.

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Hey guys I have been doing PE for a month now and I am one of those guys with a foreskin. When I do my jelqs I don’t pull my foresking down is that bad? But when I try to jelq with my skin of my head It hurts me because it stretches my skin. Also It feels like my head is not getting as much blod as it does when I have my skin on. Any opinions?

I think there’s nothing wrong with jelqing with the foreskin down. You can proseed doing that! Nothing wrong with it.

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