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Ugh, this has me worried

Ugh, this has me worried

Doctors in Romania are treating a 28-year-old whose penis exploded while he was making love to his girlfriend.

Ilarie Coroiu was taken to hospital in the Transylvanian town of Cluj after his girlfriend, Magdalena, 18, “felt something strange” and noticed that the bed was covered in blood. Dr Angela Domocos, head of the accident and emergency department at Cluj General Hospital, said: “It is very rare for this to happen. We call it an exploded penis because it happens when the blood cavities in the penis burst.

“I don’t know what this couple were playing at, but there must have been tremendous pressure inside the penis to make this happen.”

Mr Coroiu is now recovering after an operation to stop the bleeding.

From Ananova.Com.

I read that on a few different sites, now it’s got me all worried. What do yall think the odds of that happening to us who practice PE are?


I’ve been around PE for ummm just about 6 years or more, lost track actually. I’ve never heard of anyone’s penis exploding from doing exercises.

It would take enormous pressure inside of the cc and cs to cause them to rupture. Not saying it couldn’t, I’m saying the pressure would be outrageous.

Maybe one of the other guys will jump in here and tell you more about what might cause that, and how to prevent it. We sure as hell don’t want people’s penis’ to explode, bad for business.

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Of course it’s possible, but you would experience alot of pain before you got to the “exploding point”. In other words you would have to be pretty stupid for that to happen, no one on this forum would ever consider exerting enough force on their penis to come within 50% of the pressure needed for this to happen. You’re safe.

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I remember this story coming up in Twat’s News a while ago, I think the guy was using a cock ring.

PE won’t do this, unless you push it to a far extreme and then it wouldn’t be PE.

It happened in Romania. She obviously had a vampire hidden inside her pussy.

I vaguely remember an Eddie Murphy stand-up bit with a similar premise.

He obviously left his clamp on while banging the hot chick.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Did anyone note that it’s a 28 year-old scroggin’ an 18 year-old? Way ta go Illie.

I hate when that happens

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