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Hi all.

I wonder if anybody tried to gain in width,I m not talking about the girth guys.

Because I have seen some pics with the same girths but the width of some units out of them was more than the others.

I have a girth of round about 5.2” which is quite average but me and my cousin do the threesome usually thats why i have seen his unit many times his girth is same as mine but his one looks much more wider than mine.That creates kinda complex in me.

So is there any method to increase the width.Means to make your dick wider.

Hi rock. By what I know, if you have girth gains, you gain mostly in width. But I don’t think there are specifical techinques to gain only in width.

I’ve never heard of any particular techniques to gain in width specifically. Girth is girth, though. When women talk about wanting a penis with girth, they talk about a “thick” or “fat” one. Not a wide one. Remember that. As you improve your girth you’ll also improve your width.

And threesomes with your cousin? Dude.

I’d have guessed (or assumed) greater width would naturally arrive as the result of greater girth.

I understand you’re making a specific sort of cosmetic distinction, but…you may be splitting hairs.

In my opinion you’re well served to just work on getting gains.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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Threesome with cousin.dude.

Originally Posted by Boondocksaint

is your name from the movie boondock saints?. i love that movie

Originally Posted by Czepa
is your name from the movie boondock saints?. i love that movie

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When you said the cousin thing, I immediately looked at your location expecting somewhere in the deep southern US. O bends might work on width more, because the bending downwards stretches you out to the sides.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

Final Goal: 8EL x 6.2


Why is everybody emphasising on cousin thing.

I have a very good second cousin even better friend.Then what is wrong in having fun together?

But bending down will make my dick curved downward which I really hate.

I m going for an upward curve also.

I think applying pressure more on downside will make dick wider as well as upward curve.Wht do you people think?

You don’t bend it down when you’re erect, it’s an almost entirely flaccid exercise. Search for “Mr. Orange” and read the post “My Girlfriend said those lovely words.”

You’re going to have to give more detail on a threesome with your cousin before the comments stop. All of our minds and imaginations are in super speed now.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

Final Goal: 8EL x 6.2


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