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Importance of Width vs. Circumference

Importance of Width vs. Circumference

In my opinion PE community is not giving proper attention to the importance of width.
5.5”circ 2”width penis will stretch vagina more than 5.5”circ 1.7”width penis. Why? Because
most of the stretching is done with the width due to the shape of vagina.
I also think that Volume has no importance whatsoever. It only measures how much fluid can your dick
hold, it doesn’t mean that the dick of 10 cubic inches volume feels double the size of
5 cubic inches when it is inside the vagina.
Even the websites that sell dildos give two measures: length and width: meaning how deep it can
go and how much of a stretch it will provide.

What is your take on this guys?

I agree with you on this. I also think cubic inch is valuable in seeing the gains that are achieved. The width is much more important than actual girth when it comes to sex. The order of important for a woman ,I think, would be width, girth, then length. Now for a man, we want the length, we want to be hung like a mule , lol

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I keep a very close eye on my width measurements as well. I think width is very important to an overall good look. Another thing that I think happens to some pople is there measurement in girth may not change but their width will due to shifting of tissue. I noticed this in myself when I used to do heavy pan squeezes.

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OK so one hangs/jelqs/stetches for length,

uli/jelq/horses for girth…..

what can you do to impact your width??

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I disagree. As long as the circumference is the same, the amount of “stretching” will be almost identical. Unless the dimensions are really odd, that is.

Some websites sell dildos and list the width, and others sell the exact same dildos using the circumference.



as to cubic inches, I know one lady here who disagrees with you.

It varies with the needs and desires of the lady, all else
the same, girth is numero uno with most of them.

Thus, cubic inches…………………..

Re: drive2000

Originally posted by phat9
girth is numero uno with most of them.

I guess you mean “girth is number one with most of them”?

Also I have a width of 1 7/8” (I stated it was 2” before) and a girth of 5” … Is this a bit out of proportion?


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Width seems to come before total girth, because the bottom chamber takes the longest to develop.



I did not say that girth is not important, I do think that girth is number 1 factor as well, however I do think that horizontal width measure is the one that counts and not the circumference.


your width is out of proportion to your circ. ,in a positive way though. In my opinion you are better off than someone who has 1.5” width and 5.25” circumference.

Girth is highly appreaciated by women, but

Woman tend to like a thicker penis, but i think a longer and thiker penis would be more of a turn on to women. I also think the girth and length should be developed proportionally.



Maybe pan squeezers would give you width.

Someone once said the lenght is what crries the girth/width, so if I have 9” in length and you have 6.5” in length and our girths/widths are the same. I think she will feel more of my girth/width than yours. So although girth/width is important I’d rather have lthat length

What are these pan squeezers?


When you put two fingers in a woman’s pussy, you’ll feel less resistance when they are one on top of the other - vertically aligned, and much more resistance when they are horizontally aligned - one next to the other.

I think this seems to point that the width theory is correct.

Pan squeezes, or jelqing with two straight fingers, rather than an ok circle, could help the width.

The Power Jelq device would be the same.

It did help my width when I started PE, that was the way I used to jelq for a couple of month and I did increase mainly my width. Later I started using the ok grip and never returned to the first grip. Maybe we should experiment with this.

FunkMan, do a search for Pan squeezes.

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