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Width, not girth, question

Width, not girth, question

I’ve read on a lot of sites that girls say “it’s width that counts”. Some say girth, some say width. Now what I’m wondering, do you think the one’s that say “width” do really mean it ?

I’m currently at 4.88 inches in girth, but I have a decent width, from what I read. My girth is about a little under 1.7.

I’ve never had sex before, and I’m wondering if width is more important than depth ? Can some of you give me some help here, or at least give me your width’s and girths so I can compare and see if my width is bigger than usual.

Start: 5/04: 5.75 x 4.6

Now: 1/05: 6.5 x 4.9

You mean your width is 1.7.

Your width is about average, if I’m not mistaken.

My width, well, I don’t know that I’ve ever measured it. My girth, which was once 4.5 inches, is now 4.75 on normal days, and right at 5” on my best days (I strongly believe pumping did this for me).

Smallguy, you seem to have girth and width mixed up somehow. Girth is the measurement of your penis’s circumference. That is, it is the distance from one point of your shaft, around it, and back to the original point—like a circle. Width is the distance from one side to the other, as in the diameter of the circle-like shape of your penis’s girth.

Having a nice width may make up for a short-fall in girth, but it can only go so far, unless you have a penis that looks like it’s been ran over by a public bus. In short, good girth will take care of a woman’s width needs, unless the penis has an odd shape.

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Sorry sorry, I meant my width was 1.7. I know what girth and width are

Start: 5/04: 5.75 x 4.6

Now: 1/05: 6.5 x 4.9

Girls don’t know as much about the penis as guys do (I hope for the most part) , when they say width they really mean girth. Few people use the girth term unless they are like us, penis size obsessive :) At best they’ll say circumference in accordance with what they read from sex toy descriptions.

I believe your width estimate is inaccurate or maybe you have a flat and wide penis. I use a Premium Fowler measuring caliper , at the point where I have least girth and a teeny bit more width , the area a little below the glans, I have 1.7 inches and 5.4 girth.

There was another thread where contributed discussing whether a flat wide penis was better than a cylindrical penis shaft of same girth. Perhaps this is what you wanted to ask about.

Coincidentally my Sony Ericsson candy bar phone T637 is 4.83 girth and 1.7 wide. 0.75inches thin. :)…m=pp1&pid=10136

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Goal 8.0 EL 6.0 EG Asian - Thai 5' 10" uncircumcised

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I know what you mean, go have sex and you’ll see even more, my penis doesn’t have that much girth but the shape it such that I have alot of width, and girls love it! It splits their “walls” wider and so their g spot is pulled down towards your dick.

I’ve had comments like it’s a weird shape but feels so good!

I guess whats pleasing to the eye isn’t always pleasing to the touch.

Most people measure their width without using proper tools like a caliper.. So they get false measurements.. A true 2 inches width measured with a caliper is a large one and not so common how most people would think..

This is a zombie thread I know but I created a new one about this issue and only got few useless replies.. Hope this thread be more lucky.

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Well, my opinion is that girth is more important. Otherwise, chiks would be crazy just having sex with an external disc with 2.5” of width. :D

The penis is not a perfect circunference, and yes, some penis are wider than others with the same EG. But in my opinion, a penis with the same EG and a more “perfect circunference” will give more pleasure than other with the same EG and more “oval”. The clitoris area is a key point, and the G spot is stimulated by the oposite part of the penis that gives it widht.

But anyway, that´s what I think! :)

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