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Why isn't jelqing all over the news


Why isn't jelqing all over the news

Well I told my friend I jelq and he said this: “Believe me, if there was a sure way to enlarge one’s penis, it’d be all over the news”

In a way he has a point.. I mean if this is truly the way of gaining size why don’t a lot of people know about it? Penis surgery is all over the news, but this natural way isn’t? I want to spread the way of the jelq but no one seems to believe it as it’s quite an underdog technique perhaps.

People want a quick way out.

I’d never tell anyone, because I don’t want them to think I’m small!

There is no money in it. That is a big part of the lack of attention shown by the medical community.


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First off: I know jelqing works, ‘cause it has for me. Just to get rid of the possibility of jelqing not being in the news on account of it being bull-crap.

I think… I don’t know. I think there’s lots to be said about western culture, and so on. I mean, why is practically every study on male prevention pills shut down sooner or later, even though theoretically having men take the pill would be a lot safer, than it is to women now. Since, at least according to some surveys, prevention pills for men wouldn’t have to rely on hormones at all, rather it would temporarily stop the flow of some essential nutrient or other to the sperms, much the same way that omeprazol temporarily stems the production of stomach acids, without any side (Almost) effects. Long sentence.

What I mean to say is that in our culture it is the women who change for the men, not the other way around. Typically. So that’s one explanation.

The other would be that surgical procedures make someone money, jelqing doesn’t necessarily. It’s like those silly muscle exercisers you can buy off of TV. Those someone make money off of, not you doing simple squats in your bedroom.

What’s more, there’s an emphasizing of speed nowadays. Everything has to be quick; Cooking, getting muscle tone, growing a big dick. Whilst for an example here on Thunder’s you will find everyone emphasizing patience, and time. What’s the more impressive headline: “Get a big dick today!” or “Get a big dick in maybe a year or two, after some hard work!”

Going forward, I wouldn’t be surprised if jelqing and stretching became more mainstream. The health benefits to the penis of correct jelqing in my opinion will assure that. It might absolutely be prescribed to men with erection difficulties and such. But even after mainstream adoption, I don’t imagine most men will do it to the point of actually changing the size of their penis. I mean; Push-ups are known by almost all, still most men don’t do them. It’s one thing knowing how to be muscular, or whatever, it’s another to do the hard work that comes with it.

For now, and until the world relaxes a bit, I think it’s fine that most people don’t know about jelqing. If the news tomorrow started spewing their “get big NOW”-crap on jelqing, we would see a hell of a lot of penis injuries instead. Let it stew here, and slowly percolate into the medical community. For the good of mankind.

Hope it remains underground - otherwise They could make it illegal. (:

Originally Posted by marinera
Hope it remains underground - otherwise They could make it illegal. (:

“Sir, do you have any concealed weapons to declare?”

It’s not on the news because there’s not enough research into it to form comprehensive studies with serious medical credentials.

Then how come they don’t do studies on it? I mean I hear of so many stupid pointless studies made by scientists. Jelqing could be a really good topic to study, why aren’t people interested in it?

It’s good that so few know.

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Originally Posted by man-of-10
It’s good that so few know.
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I’d love for doctors and scientists to experiment with jelqing so that we can have the best of it.

Originally Posted by veezee
It’s not on the news because there’s not enough research into it to form comprehensive studies with serious medical credentials.

When, oh when has something not having serious medical, or scientific, credentials behind it ever stopped it from being on the news?

Who gives a rat’s ass about making any form of PE more publicly accepted or more common. Hell we are here for two things to make our penis bigger and make erections better. I could care less if small in pants Joe blow never finds out due to it not being mainstream. Why would I want every other guy out there doing PE then there will be no freaking point as everyone would be bigger and my new bigger size would once again be average or below.

Originally Posted by bigbassman77
Why would I want every other guy out there doing PE then there will be no freaking point as everyone would be bigger and my new bigger size would once again be average or below.

Well, first of all, like I said I don’t think the majority of people would have the energy to do PE anyway. Is there any statistics from this site of how many join, and either don’t start, or drop off of PE altogether? Bet it’s a lot.

Like somastylo said, the pro would be having a scientific community working on what exact exercises do what and how, and making them more effective. Pretty much what this forum is trying to do, only with research grants. All other physical exercise has gained a lot from science these past hundred years, why shouldn’t PE?

Someotherguy and Houstonwoods are right.

If you cant sell it, its not worth putting on TV.

And if it takes any more dedication than taking a pill every day, most people simply arent interested.

Be glad it is not mainstream. Better for the nice people here at TP.

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Too right about the money bit. If it ain’t gonna make anyone money why put money into it to let everyone know.

As far as prevention pills go, there’s a reason deeper then you’d ever think; babies are big business for corporations, religions and governments. They want you to have babies whether you do or not. They want little taxpayers and voter to keep them going. They want to sell diapers and baby formula and clothing for the rest of their life. They want a lifelong follower to faithfully and blindly support their cause.

Most men have to be talked into and harrassed by their partners to have children by choice. It’s the hunter thing in us and it can be an added expense if the partnership doesn’t work out. If there was a pill to stop men from having babies populations would start rapidly decreasing within a year of it being released publicly.

Condoms are a passive way to control pregnacy but there is so much room for error. They are an easy way to control STD’s and pregnancy but they decrease sensitivity so men and women are more willing to take the risk and not use them so the chances of having a baby are increased. Give a guy a simple pill to take and the only thing you have to worry about is catching the clap or something worse but no baby, no problem.

The morning after pill and abortion is a moral thing that women have major issues with this was created by religion and the media to keep women producing offspring. Keep the responsibility on the women and we ensure life goes on.

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I just think a general view exists that it is impossible to enlarge the penis and that is what we are conditioned to think.

Unless you seek out a site like thunders (and most people don’t or won’t or don’t have the time to use the information here to see results) I don’t see why you would think jelqing works?

The lack of money to be made is another factor and also I think liability, if suddenly jelqing was covered, if someone was injured from it would legal liability be an issue?

That said here in the UK I think I have seen PE mentioned on a few shows (one actually had an experiment where guys used various techniques) and I have also seen the odd mention in “lads mags”.

And think about this, even if people knew about it, would they be bothered? People know about diet and fitness, the information is to hand so everyone has a “dream body”, yet why do we have an obesity crisis? Why would it be different if PE is mainstream, most people just haven’t the inclination, dedication or time to hand.

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