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Why do guys starting at 7 inches plus bother

I’m at 7.5, and I’d like to get back what I lost over time. I was around 9 inches and absolutely loved the adulation I received from females. Can’t tell you why it shrunk, and even at 7.5 some women are exuberant about it. However, there was not one female who didn’t get wet from just looking at my 9 inch. I’m just glad there is something I can do about it. Actually, I think I’ll stop before 9. I like putting it all in with girls and not just with every 1 out of 10.

Details man, details. How in the world did you lost 1.5” ? How old are you?

Originally Posted by obsessed

So I can join LPSG.

Oh just go and join anyway. Claim you have a 10” dick: that’s what everyone else there does. :chuckle:

Why not?

Short-Term Goal: 6.25" EG by 9/1/14

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

Long-Term Goal: 10.25" BPEL and 6.5" EG ?

Originally Posted by Yoyototo

Why not?

Because you are raising the average too much.;)

Start around 2006-03 -- BPEL: 6.2" EG: 4.8"

Current 2008-04-27 ---- BPEL: 7.4" EG: 5.2" BaseGirth:6.1"

Later ------------------ BPEL: 7.87" EG: 5.9" :spin:

Originally Posted by Manc123
Yea.or you could just get good at sex, which doesn’t require a large penis.

I’m sorry, I just can’t help thinking you must be very, very insecure and pedantic to be on this site at your size.

The manor in which you express someone must be insecure leaves no possibility of their insecurities ever being an acceptable (or valid) reason to embark on trying to alter their size.

Originally Posted by Manc123

(I’m into PUA stuff) and I know for a fact that I’m shit hot in bed (read some David Shade).

Does anyone have the PDF file for David Shade. I’d like to get a copy!

Originally Posted by beowulf

Does anyone have the PDF file for David Shade. I’d like to get a copy!

Yea mate PM me. No worries.

I started off already big. But when you’re below you just wanna be average. When you’re average you just wanna be bigger. When you’re bigger you just wanna be big. When you’re big you wanna be really big. That’s where I am at. I wanna be really big.

But it seems to me that 21 x 16.5 ( 8.3 x 6.5) isnt cutting it for me anymore. Im thinking maybe 22 x 17… or 8.5 x 6.7….

I don’t know man. I am very good at sex, I have great stamina, I have no ED or premature ejaculation, I have decent technique and I have a healthy outlook on sex and a positive, dominant attitude in the bed.
I should be happy, right? I am. It’s the ego, I suppose.

I think you guys are overreacting to Manc123’s comment. All the kid meant probably was to refresh a valid perspective: that a man without a large penis can still rock a woman’s world. I also didn’t get the feeling that he was being judgemental at all, quite the opposite, I felt he was speaking in a concerned manner, even if it did sound pretentious.

And I HAVE read David Shade. He is a hypnotist, a pickup artist, and does know what he’s talking about: he takes sex to a whole new level.

Manc123 has been banned. I’d agree that he did have a point. However I would like to say that if I had 7” PE wouldn’t cross my mind, as to be that size would be like a dream for me, being well below average myself.

Saying that however makes the assumption that I know how someone of that size feels - which I don’t. If I was born that big, people being what they are and always wishing for more in life in all aspects, I’m sure there would would be moments when I would find myself wondering what it would be like to be 8 or 9 etc. Especially if I found Thunders and thought it might be possible to do it -that’s just human nature I guess.

I wanna be a bouncer too. :(


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