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Why Can't I Edge?


I ended up cumming again.. Too many PONRs and I cant hold it without a kegel… I feel a bit bad heh.

I guess I’ll keep trying..

The point of doing these edges, is to learn to keep on going without stopping in the future after PONR right?

I feel sometimes when edging that if I’m not watching porn which really gets me off sometimes, after PONR I don’t necessarily have to stop, I can slow stroke over the PONR and then get back to pace… this is what I should be doing yes?

OneGg, do yourself a favor and read learn How to use the Search button for best results. There is a lot of threads about edging. It’s a lot easier than asking for every thing and wait for someone to replay.

Go to the advanced search. Then search for “edg*” (without the quote), and select “search titles only”.


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